Add WYSIWYG Comment Rich Text Editor On WordPress Comment Using TinyMCEComment


TinyMCEComments , A wordpress plugin that able to turn wordpress comment area into WYSIWYG comment Rich Text editor which give your website visitor leave a comment with more functionality.

As currently the leaving comment on wordpress is not user friendly at all even with quicktag plugins. What WordPress comment need is What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) comment editor to increase comment on your wordpress platform.

So, here is a wordpress WYSIWYG comment editor called TinyMCEComments can do the trick and increase the comments functionality features to more comment on your wordpress site. To install this TinyMCEComment WYSIWYG comment editor is simple. All you need download the wordpress plugin and upload to your wordpress plugin directory.

TinyMCEComment WYSIWYG comment editor plugin

Once you activate the TinyMCEComment WYSIWYG comment editor plugin, you can customize your TinyMCEComment WYSIWYG comment editor plugin functionality on wordpress admin console option there. The TinyMCEComment WYSIWYG comment editor plugin perform using the internal TinyMCE library bundled with WordPress 2.0 and up.

Download TinyMCE Comment Editor wordpress  Plugin

via NetGenes – TinyMCEComment

  • nirman

    Hi, I have just installed this plugin but for some reason it is not showing in my comment text area. Do I need to add some kind of <?php code in the comments.php file? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

  • km


    Check your wordpress comment whether contain the code line as below :
    < ?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>

    if don’t have, you need add the code inside your wordpress comment page.

    I believe the wordpress themes that you using now is not standardized. You can check with theme designer about this problem

  • Nency

    its work for me. thanks

  • Hospedagem Ideal

    Só acredito que deveria ter informações mais detalhadas para leigos.

  • ??? ????

    Só acredito que deveria ter mais Informações detalhadas para leigos.

  • Aion CD key

    If not, you need to add the code template internal comments.

    I believe in you, now are not unified theme. You can check the designers are relevant to the topic in this aspect of the problem

  • Uwe

    Could you please add some smiles ?!
    Better would be a lot of smileys – static and amimated 🙂
    That would make your plugin perfect!

    Thanks for your work !!!

  • Kate

    Nice plugin, I used it at mysite

  • seo services

    A toolbar to easily add custom smilies to comments.From v1.0, (WP>=2.5 only) it also integrates into tinyMCE, the rich text editor that you use when you write the posts.


    Great post! I am just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well – resources like this article are incredibly helpful

  • Mos

    works fine to an extent but non-admins are unable to use the strikethrough and underline options. any help? thanks!

  • anders

    Thanks for a great plugin just installed it.
    But What about the Happy smilys?
    How do I get Smilys in the bar?