Auto Refresh Plus: Refresh Chrome Webpages Automatically


While browsing through many webpages on internet we come across certain webpages which needs to be refreshed from time to time as they are updated at regular intervals, this may be a page for sports updates, event news etc. Refreshing these webpages manually is a tiresome task when it has to be done at regular intervals and for several pages. This process can be automated easily in Google Chrome with Auto Refresh Plus.

auto refresh chrome

Auto Refresh Plus is a small extension for Chrome that can auto refresh selected webpages. It is easy to use and can be found beside the address bar. To refresh a webpage you can select among preset time intervals or can enter a time interval manually. It also provides an option to stop refreshing a webpage when a typed in content occurs in the webpage. You can press the start button to refresh those pages automatically. Selected pages are refreshed even if they are inactive.

Download Auto Refresh Plus: Refresh Chrome Webpages Automatically

  • throweasy03

    It is a good extension but does not offer a sound alarm so if you are using other tabs you will not know when the page has been updated. It needs an audible alarm option. 

  • Hashimtopaz

    Now Auto Refresh Plus available here