Backup or Sync Your Mobile Data Online with Online Phone Data Manager...

Backup or Sync Your Mobile Data Online with Online Phone Data Manager Services

After cover Microsoft Phone Data Manager post, here’s the online version of phone data manager that allows you backup your entire mobile data like contacts and calendar entries on online backup mobile data storage services.

Storing your mobile data on online backup mobile data storage services  is a good alternative mobile data backup solution for you because you always sync, access and manage stored your mobile data from any web-enabled mobile or PC. Meanwhile, you can restore online backup files to any mobile anytime anywhere with web access.

Although there’re various phone data manager software allow you to sync your contact on online backup mobile data storage, but what i going to introduce which is free and also very useful.


Mobical - Backup mobile data securely and remotely

Mobical , an online backup mobile storage services that backup mobile phone data securely and allow restore mobile anytime. it’s a mobile synchronization service that is based on SyncML protocol. With Mobical you can backup your contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes, SMS and bookmarks to a remote location, the service supports various mobile devices and can be easily setup on your mobile device.

Mobical also allows you to setup several mobile phones from a single account, so you can easily transfer data between several phones, changes made to one device will propagate to all the devices you have added. We recommend this service to synchronize you cell phone data.

Visit Mobical to set up a free account.


zyb -  online backup mobile data

ZYB allows users to synchronize their mobile phones with an online account at ZYB. Users can store phone numbers, calendars, and SMS, and manage them online. The service is free, and the users stored list can be updated from anywhere in the world. Certain mobile phone features are required for the synchronization to function correctly.

Visit Zyb to setup an account

With these two online mobile data backup services you can easily synchronize your mobile data to a remote location. So, what online mobile backup services do you use to sync up your mobile device?

  • Tshepo

    Please send me more information about the online sim data backup system, how does it work and from which networks is it accessible?