Build Free VoIP PBX / PABX System with 3CX Phone System


3CX Phone System for Windows, a free VoIP PBX software that allows small business owner build their professional, modern internet phone calls system with low cost budget. This entire free VOIP PBX / PABX solutions comes with server VOIP software, soft phones or SIP hardware phones, and a VOIP Gateway software. Plus more, 3CX phone system can easily ride on any existing computer network without installing or spending a new set of network / phone cabling.

free 3cx voip pbx system

The  3CX phone system administration / user interface can be accessed via web browser to make phone call or manage the VOIP system. You can even monitor VOIP phone system status, including which extensions and PSTN lines are busy, and more, from a web browser.

Besides that, VOIP administrator can easily scale to more extensions by adding SIP phones and configure user preferences within few mouse clicks only on this free VOIP PBX system. Then SIP Phones can be moved around the office without the need for any configuration or patching – saving valuable administrator time.

3CX Phone System

On 3CX soft phone sides, users can easily configure their extension preferences and forwarding calls to voice mail or to another telephone extension or external number – even a mobile phone number – when the VOIP phone extension is not answered or busy.

Another advantages of 3CX free VOIP PBX system is integrating with fax services, which the faxes can be transmit via a regular fax machine, or using a compatible T38 ATA and the T38 feature in your gateway.

3CX phone system remote / branch offices feature is another impressive features, which allow small business owner setting up local and remote branch offices VOIP conference calls or link up with your customers or partners  have  SIP PBXs to save / eliminate phone charges entirely. 

3CX Phone System  – Free VoIP PBX Features:

  • Use popular VoIP providers and SIP trunks for low cost calling
  • Use popular IP Phones (Polycom, Snom, Cisco & others) or Softphones
  • Keep using your old telephone lines with the use of VoIP gateways
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows – no need to dedicate a PC or learn Linux! Eliminate phone wiring
  • Includes enterprise phone system features such as voice mail, auto attendant, fax server, unified communications and more
  • Support: 3CX mobile and 3CX Phone for Windows

3CX Phone System FREE edition is definitely a fully functional VoIP product, which supports an unlimited number of extensions and does NOT time out or expired.

Download 3CX Phone System – Free VoIP PBX

  • earl ecakrt

    Does this work for international calls also. and if not is there something you are working on now?

    Can this system be used with a password or pin number which can be changed so the office employees will not abuse it ?

  • km


    This free PABX system able to support international VOIP services to make international call.

    But the password and pin number will available if the VOIP services supported.

  • Jorgan

    Maintaining a VOIP PBX for me is too expensive though.

    • km

      It’s depend on your environment. If you’ve a business environment, i will encourage you setup a VoIP PBX. If home environment, it’s not worth to build

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