Free Tool to Help Your Small Business and Your Accountant

Financial PDF to Excel

Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming at times. While it is really exciting to start your own venture, the direct relationship you have with the success or failure of your business can be very stressful. Many famous entrepreneurs share the belief that a start up’s success relies heavily on the implementation of an idea, rather than just having a good idea per se. This means that completing daily tasks successfully is as imperative as having a good vision for your enterprise.

When you are faced with these daily tasks as a small business owner, you realize that you need all sorts of skills that go beyond your university degree or professional experience. For example, if you are an engineer, it is unlikely you will know accounting principles in depth, and vice versa. Similarly, if you own a small business it is unlikely that you will invest into costly CRM systems that will help you organize your files more productively.

Luckily, the digital world is full of free solutions that can help you along the way. One such solution that fits into daily needs of enterprises to organize and speed up their accounting processing time is Investintech’s free PDF to Excel online tool. As we often get invoices and bank statements in PDF format, you can use this tool to transfer financial information directly to an Excel file, rather than have your busy accountant do it manually and waste precious time.

Below is a quick 3 step tutorial how to use this online freebie:

Financial PDF to Excel

  1. Check out the left side of the web page, where you will see a Select File button. Choose a the PDF file you need converted quickly, and press OK.
  2. Insert your email address, so you can have the converted file sent to your inbox.
  3. Press Start button in green, to start your conversion.

Converting PDF to Excel with this tool should not take more than ten minutes, but that largely depends on website traffic and the number of conversions in queue. As a bonus tip, make sure to also check your Junk folder, in case your spam filter marked it as unsolicited email.

One more thing worth mentioning is that in order to protect your privacy, Investintech does not keep your file on its servers for more than 24 hours. So you should make sure to download your Excel file within that time period. In case you forget, don’t worry, you can use this tool an unlimited number of times, and repeat the whole process.

Hope this was of help. Please share with us your favourite free accounting tools for small businesses in the comments section below!

Online Presentation Software

People are on the go even more now than ever and because of this, they need to have access to their software at any time, no matter where they are. What happens if your computer is lost or stolen the day before your big presentation? Well, if you don’t have your presentation saved to a backup Scandisk, then you’re out of luck because that presentation is gone. But, you can prevent any loss of time by using different online presentation software. All you need to create a presentation is an internet connection and one of the following online presentation software.

Online Presentation Software List:


Prezi is the zooming presentation editor, they want to change the way that presentations are created and shown. Prezi allows users the ability to show ideas in one space and how they relate, which helps the presenter and the audience connect. With Prezi you can zoom out to see the details of the big picture and you can zoom in to review the details – its very similar to web-based map services like Google Maps. Take a look at their introduction video to see exactly what the experience looks like.
Prezi - Online Presentation software

Slide Rocket

Although this paid service may drive some people away, their free version features much of the same important features that make Slide Rocket such an attractive presentation option. With the paid service you get unlimited presentations and storage for up to 250Mb. They offer it as a free service but once that runs out, you are free to upgrade at any time. Storage space is important if you create a lot of presentations and need a way to back them up without being on a computer, although some presentations can be quite large, so the 250Mb could run out very quickly.
Slide Rocket- Presentation now made simple with this free online version


No that’s not a typo, that’s Empressr. Empressr, despite having an awkwardly spelled name, is a very solid online alternative to PowerPoint. It has a lot of interesting features like the ability to quickly embed content from Flickr, Photobucket and Imgur. If you use a lot of graphic art or you put different slides into your presentation, then Empressr would be the software for you. It also provides a platform for sharing of documents.
Empressr - Online presentation and slideshow software

Google Slides – Google Online Presentation Maker

The best thing about Google Docs is that its a completely free service, but it may not have all of the options and features your used to, so you may be forced to look for more advanced options online. Google Docs has come a long way, but if all you need is a simple presentation, then Google Docs is definitely the right choice for you. It’s completely open source and you can access it wherever you go. There’s even mobile apps for Google Docs that let you update your presentation on the go.
Google Slide - Free online presentation software from Google

Zoho Document

Zoho Show stands out thanks to its functionality and the range of possibilities it offers. Zoho has a line of businesses apps that suit, not just presentation needs, but all business needs. If you have the time, it’s highly recommended that you check them out.
Zoho Show - Zoho Online powerpoint

Free online presentation makes life easier for those who don’t have access to Microsoft PowerPoint. These are nice alternatives with more themes and effects. You can simply convert them to PowerPoint compatible file and  successfully present it before an audience.


Share with us if you know any online presentation should be added on the above list.

Best Free Online Document Viewer and Sharing

SkyDrive Online Docs Viewer

Today, internet has become a virtual and a practical part of everybody’s life. Without internet we feel disabled and vulnerable. Hence, things are more often online today and less offline. There are bountiful of online and web applications accessible in the online market. One of the most popular applications is the online document viewing and sharing application. There are many well-known companies that offer free online document viewing and sharing applications which help you save on your computer space and most significantly, you can view and share files and documents across the globe.
Below are some popular and free online document viewing and sharing applications that you can certainly consider.

Best Free Online Document Viewer and Sharing:

Google Doc Viewer – Best Online Document Viewer

Google Doc Viewer - Online Document Viewer

Google Doc Viewer is one of the well-accepted online document viewer applications which allow you to create files and documents online, it also permits you to work online together with others, real time. Google offers this service online and absolutely for free. With this online application you can view and share any type of file or document. This application allows you to access your documents in any browser. The most important benefit of this application is its flexibility; you can access more than 15 different types of file and document formats. Since the application is a production of Google, the software is user friendly which makes it the best.


Scribd Home

Scribd is another popular free online viewing, sharing and publishing application. You can easily upload and share files with any formats using this efficient web application. With this application you can generate URL links and share them with others; this makes your documents and files more secure and safe. This free online document upload and sharing application gives you the liberation to view a variety of file formats in full screen; this makes the document viewing more clear and clean. Overall, Scribd is an effective online reading and publishing platform.


slideshare online doc viewer

Slide share is a Web 2.0 based web and slide hosting service. This online service allows its users to upload files, documents, images, presentations, slides, videos and much more. This innovative application allows you to upload and download presentations on any topic publicly or privately, for free. It also gives you the feature of sharing it over the major social and professional networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Slideshare makes it very easy for its users to carve up and share ideas, bond with others and even generate links for business. Slideshare is considered to be one of the best free tools for elearning and education.


SkyDrive Online DocX Viewer

Sky drive is more of an online hard drive than anything else. You can place any files you want within your online drive until you have reached the free capacity. From within your drive you can send out emails to friends or workers allowing them to see a specified file within your drive. It is a very private way to share files and you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing your files unless you want them to. It is also very straightforward and just about anyone should be able to use it without a problem.

Pan Mind

Pan Mind specializes in sharing your documents with huge numbers of people. It is supposed to be a way for you to get input of large groups of people and is excellent for writing groups or clubs that need to allow file sharing to everyone. They give you 5gb of file allowance per account which is more than suitable for most document storing needs. You can share your files with people even if they aren’t a member of the site making it easy to get them to everyone.
Today, many of us use online document sharing and viewing applications for quick turnaround. These applications are extremely beneficial for online distribution and sharing. You can within no time share files and videos with different formats amongst your clients, friends and family. These providers offer their viewing and sharing services for free which makes it further acceptable by people for a trouble-free communication and sharing.

So if you want to share your writing, or share slides or videos or if you want to share any file or documents with your clients with various formats; you simply need to consider the above free online applications for easy sharing and viewing.

Share with us if you know other online document viewer or sharing should include on above list.

Create Infographics with Infogram Charts On Microsoft Excel

Inforgraphic Excel

Infogram, famous infographic creator has released Microsoft desktop application to integrate Infogram charts on Microsoft Excel. Infogram on Excel makes it easy to  transform raw data from an Excel spreadsheet and creating interactive infographics with a few clicks. It’s simple and beautiful.

Infogram says that there are “many creative people” in finance, education, and other industries and feel that by integrating its service into Excel, it will help workers create better designed data visualizations.

All data created with this infographic tools will be stored in the cloud, synchronizing automatically. Once integrated, users can take their Excel data and, instead of using the de facto chart creation tool, can elect to use their service. Plus more, Charts can be easily published on-line, shared on social networks, embedded in a news article or a blog post.

Even if you don’t save your spreadsheet you can bring your data back any time as they are placed in your library.


infographic world infogram chart Charts for Excel comes with 30 different chart types and various designs.

Infogram Excel Chart types for Infographics supported:

  1. bar chart (regular, stacked, grouped, radial)
  2. column chart (regular, stacked, grouped),
  3.  histogram, pie chart (regular, doughnut, irregular),
  4. line chart,
  5. area chart, steam graph, stepped area chart
  6. scatter, dot plot
  7. bubble
  8. pictorial
  9. pyramid, funnel
  10. table
  11. gauge, progress bar
  12. word cloud
  13. treemap
  14. candle stick
  15. waterfall

The only disadvantages about Infogram chart desktop excel application is for  their Excel compatibility, which it can support only the latest Microsoft Excel 2013.

Download Infogram for Office – Infographic creator for Microsoft Excel

Free Help Desk Ticketing System Software To Build Customer Services Support Center

Help Desk Ticketing system also known as issue tracking system, trouble ticket system, support Ticket or incident ticket system in the form of computer software or web based package that manages and maintains lists of issues, as needed by an organization. Help Desk Ticketing system is normally used in an organization’s to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues even to support non-technical departments.

In FOSS (free and open source software) world, you can find a lot of open source Help Desk Ticket system can help small medium business owner to easily manage, organize, and streamline your customer service and drastically improve your customer’s experience. So, below is some of the best help desk ticketing system freeware that i have gathered.

These 9 ticket systems are professional ticket systems, and can be used in a big company. A couple of these ticket systems are even used by big company’s. I have just taken 9 good ticket systems that will do there job, but there are more great and professional tickets systems ticket available on the web.

Free Help Desk Ticketing System List:

OsTicket – Open Source Customer Ticket System

osticket - free support ticketing system

OSTicket is the most widely used web based free help desk ticket system on the planet to streamline customer support requests and improve customer support efficiency by providing staff with tools they need to deliver fast, effective and measurable support. The best part of OSTicket providing comprehensive customer service desk ticketing features that exceeding most of the high-priced commercial helpdesk solutions. Plus more, you can even integrating OSTicket help desk ticketing platform into your company web site.

On OSTicket, all customer service ticket submission can be down either submit via email or from a web portal with auto-generated emails informing them of the status of their support request. Then all assigned customer services agent will receive auto-generated email alerts when a ticket has been assigned to them and each ticket can be assigned to a staff member or transferred to a different staff member.

If you have CPanel web hosting control panel with software script installation features, you can install OSTicket system within few step under CPanel option.

Visit OSTicket Website

OTRS – Open Source Ticket Request System

ORTS - Free Ticketing System


OTRS also well known as trouble ticket system with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. This help desk ticketing system solutions makes the communication with your clients more transparent and easier, which support your organization from customer support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. department to react quickly to inbound inquiries.

Every ticket generated by OTRS has persistence or “history” showing what happened to the ticket within its life cycle. OTRS has the ability to merge multiple requests about the same incident, thus making it possible to work on an incident rather than on singular requests.

Meanwhile, multiple agents can work simultaneously on the tickets in OTRS, reading the incoming messages, bringing them in order, and answering them.

Visit OTRS – Open Source Ticket Request System

eTicket – PHP based Help Desk Ticketing System



eTicket is a simple help desk ticketing solutions can receive tickets via email or a web form. If you know any PHP programming, eTicket can be easily skinned to the look and feel of your website to offer help desk ticketing solutions.

Visit eTicket – Email Help Desk Ticketing System

Request Tracker

Request Tracker


Request Tracker is an enterprise grade help desk ticketing system that written in object-oriented Perl. It normally used for bug tracking, help desk ticketing, customer service, workflow processes, change management, network operations, youth counselling and even more.  Meanwhile, Request Tracker manages key tasks such as the identification, prioritization, assignment, resolution and notification required by enterprise-critical applications including project management, help desk, NOC ticketing, CRM and software development.

Visit Request Tracker Website

Liberum Help Desk

Liberum Help Desk

Liberum Help Desk is a simple ASP based help desk ticketing solution for small to medium sized businesses and organizations to manage and tracking their company technical support problems. All you need is running Liberum Help Desk under any Windows Server with IIS. Some of key features on Liberum help desk ticketing system are E-mail notifications, Windows authentication integration, ticket progress with multiple agents views, various ticketing reports and customizable to fit your needs.

Visit Liberum Help Desk

Support Incident Tracker – SiT!

Support Incident Tracker - Help Desk Ticketing

Support Incident Tracker  also commonly known as a ‘Help Desk’ or ‘Support Ticket System that written on PHP with MySQL database supported. It can manage contacts, sites, technical support contracts, record every communication in incident log and support incidents in one place. Meanwhile, all support ticket will be sent via email and pass over to support agent based on Service Level Agreements.

Visit Support Incident Tracker

Share with us if you know other help desk ticketing system freeware should included on above list.