Check Missing Video / Audio Codecs – CodecInstaller

Check Missing Video / Audio Codecs – CodecInstaller

Missing video and audio codec is the most common problem that facing by user while playing video and audio media files . It’s feel annoying while unable to identify which missing video and audio codec required. Plus more you could only hear the sound and there were no video? Or only video and no sound.

However, this missing video and audio codecs problem can be overcome using codec analysis tools name Codec Installer. It’s a free utility that analyze the media files and informs user what codecs files required to run the media files. Beside that, CodecInstaller also detects and list down what Audio and Video codecs has been installed on your computer.

Check Missing Video and Audio Codecs using CodecInstaller and install codec automaticallyCodecInstaller consider as a good codec analysis tools because it support various media files for analysis like avi, mpeg, wmv, wma, ogg, flac, mpc, mp3, mp4, wav, wx and will show technical data such as width/height and ratio, length, video codec, framerate, size, bitrate, total frames, quality factor and metadata such as title, album, year.

However, you’re required to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2 or higher in order to run Codec Installer. Plus more operating system supported are Windows 2000 , WindowsXP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.

If you facing some missing codec problem in the future, codec installer probably is the best video audio codecs analyze tools to provide the missing codec information and download necessary codecs to overcome the missing codec problem . In case you want to install all codecs under windows, then try out Windows Essential Codec

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  • ac3filter

    There is a sound problem for my PC while playing some files i just installed the software you recommend and downloaded ac3 codec that is missing and now i dont have any kind of problems thank you very much