Comodo System Cleaner – Free Windows Optimization Tool

Comodo System Cleaner – Free Windows Optimization Tool

Comodo System Cleaner, a free Windows system optimization tool that offers suite of utilities and tools to make your Windows XP or Vista computer performance faster, more efficient and more secure. In Comodo system cleaner, Windows user can enjoy fully featured registry cleaner, Disk Clean, Comodo Privacy cleaner, windows tweaker and numerous of additional Windows utilities. Plus more, Comodo has improved the system cleaner interfaces and improved the features performance.

comodo system cleaner

The Windows registry cleaner that offers on Comodo system cleaner able to removes corrupt and obsolete registry entries – often the cause of system instability and slow down. Meanwhile, the Disk Clean utility allows you to free up disk space and improve system performance by thoroughly removing temp, archive, duplicate and other useless files. Plus more, Comodo Privacy Cleaner keeps your personal details safe and sound by comprehensively clearing all traces of private data from Internet browsers, Instant Messenger and Windows software.

Beside that, Comodo System cleaner also acts as windows tweaker, which fine tuning every aspect of Windows behavior, functionality and performance. You get fingertip access to important controls and settings that are either not available or are very difficult to find in Windows XP or Vista – without the need to manually navigate through multiple Windows menus.

Lastly, Comodo system cleaner also adds numerous additional utilities to safeguard your privacy and security such as ‘File Pend Delete’ and the powerful ‘File Wiper’ – a disk eraser tool that completely erases files from your hard drive instead of only removing the reference to those files.

Comodo System Cleaner Features:

  • Take control by customizing virtually every aspect of Windows XP or Vista behavior with just a few mouse clicks
  • Optimize system performance, disk space and overall stability with built in Registry Cleaner and Disk Cleaner tools
  • Gain complete visibility and control over your computer’s hardware, software, processes and performance with powerful diagnostics tools
  • Ensure complete on-line and off-line privacy by clearing the history, cache and temp files of Internet browsers, Instant Messengers and Windows applications
  • 100% Safe Cleaning – Unique ‘Registry Protection’ and ‘Safe Delete’ features automatically roll back your system if important files were deleted in error

So, Comodo System Cleaner considers a good system optimizer tools for Windows user. Plus more, it can run on 32 bit and 64 bit versions for XP and Vista and Windows 2003 server. Comodo System Cleaner is 100% free to home and business users.

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