Create Live Messenger Emoticons And Avatar Online With MSN Live Minimise-Me


Minimise Me, MSN Live messenger emoticon avatar services that allow you  create own messenger custom emoticons and Avatar characters for MSN live messenger use.

This online live messenger emoticons and avatar character is pretty easy to learn up and use. All creating emoticon and avatar process is done by mouse clicking only. You can even design your custom custom emoticons and Avatar characters either starting from scratch or using a content from their  emoticons and Avatar characters gallery

Once you launch Minimise Me online services, you can start customizing all avatar character aspect as you like. This online emoticon and avatar creator provides a series of avatar character aspect from head , eye , eyebrow , mouth , hair , hat , beard until accessories. Beside that, you can even adjust the shape, color, facial features, and accessories of their new character with simple clicks of the mouse.

You can try to design unique avatar character to express the looks of you. Here is a one that i created which look like me.

Minimize me - create msn emoticons and MSN avatar character

Once you finish customize your own MSN live messenger avatar characters and emoticons, you can save it into Windows Live Messenger in two ways:

First way : Install the custom MSNMinimiseMeSetup.exe installer. Then it will directly import the custom MSN live messenger avatar characters and emoticons creation as a display picture or emoticon into Windows Live Messenger.

Second way, The Minimise Me service allows you to download your work as a 96×96 jpg (Help with download > Save character) and use it on other services beyond WLM.

Visit Minimise ME – MSN live Messenger Emotions and avatar characters online creator

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