DecentURL – Make Ugly URLs Look Meaningful

DecentURL is something like TinyUrl that provides you URL shortening services. DecentURL can make URLs short too, but its main purpose is to make URLs more readable. It automatically grabs the title of the page and use it to make the DecentURL. It also includes the domain to let you see where you’re going.

quote_leftURL redirection is far from a novel idea there are at least 41 other services that do it. As far as I can tell, however, those sites all focus on making long addresses short. DecentURL can make URLs short too, but its primary goal is to make them decent. Teach em some manners.quote_right

Lets say you have a URL like this:

DecentURL will create a URL like:

decenturl URL shortening

Besides that, DecentURL URL shortening services don’t have an expiry date. Normally the shortening URL that created will only expire when the site becomes history in, say, five or ten years.