Disable User Account Control ( UAC ) for Certain Vista Application

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Microsoft help has published a tutorial to disable user account control (UAC) for certain vista application on Windows Vista. This tutorial is to overcome disable fully user account control (UAC) functionality on your windows vista.

User Account Contorl (UAC) is a pretty good security protection for windows vista user. However, the problem about UAC are user friendliness and very annoying windows pop ups only when any configuration changes on vista occur. If there are a lot of application and software running on your windows vista machine then you will expecting a lot of User account control pop up bugging you.

If you are looking to disable all UAC features on vista might afraid there is no security imposed on vista user account control and this might create a security havoc on Vista operating system.

However, below is a Microsoft help tutorial to disable user account control ( UAC ) for certain vista application on Windows Vista

Step to disable user account control (UAC) for Certain vista application:

  • First download and install Application Compatibility Toolkit.
  • Find the shortcut icon for Compatibility Administrator. Right click it and click Run as administrator.
  • In the left hand pane, right-click on the database under Custom Databases and select Create New, and select Application Fix.
  • Enter the name and other details of the application you want to alter behavior on and then browse to it to select it. Click Next.
  • Click Next until you are in the Compatibility Fixes screen.
  • On the Compatibility Fixes screen, find the item RunAsInvoker, and check it.
  • Click Next and then Finish.
  • Select File and Save As. Save the file as a app.SDB type file in a directory you will easily find it.
  • Navigate to Start Menu, Right click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.
  • Run the following command at the prompt :sdbinst <path>\app.sdbWhere <path> is the location where you have saved the app.sdb file. For example, if you saved the .SDB file as app.sdb in the c:\Windows folder, the command should be like this:sdbinst c:\windows\app.sdb

After go through this disable user account control (UAC) for certain vista application tutorial, you will get a confirmation message to prove that vista will no longer prompt you with the UAC everytime.

  • Abdulrahman Tolba

    Were trying to DISABLE UAC right?
    But how will we if we aren’t allowed to DOWNLOAD ANYTHING? So we can’t disable the STUPID FREAKIN’ RETARDED UAC!!!! :(