Download DirectX 10.1 from Vista Services Pack 1


DirectX 10.1, The latest Directx 10 extension that available download via Windows Vista Services Pack 1 Build 6001.16659. This DirectX 10.1 is a improvement version of DirectX 10 which still maintaining the overall structure and programming model of DirectX 10, while enhancing on directX 10 vertex, geometry, and pixel shader instruction sets.

Beside that, the new features of DirectX 10.1 are new shading and texturing capabilities, anti-aliasing improvements, and tighter specifications . All information of DirectX 10.1 can be found in AMD-ATIs whitepaper about DX 10.1 features and technology. [ via TeamATI. ]

The purpose of improvement of DirectX 10 is offers incremental improvements to the programming interface that address limitations of DirectX 10, and unlock new graphical techniques that will take the quality of 3D graphics to the next level in 2008 and beyond. Advantages include global illumination delivering lighting and shadow quality in real-time that matches the ray tracing techniques used in CG films, improved anti-aliasing techniques to clean up distracting shimmering artifacts, and tighter specifications for improved compatibility”, reads the conclusion of the ATI whitepaper.

TO utilize the new features of DirectX 10.1 will require you to have a new GPU hardware such as ATI Radeon HD 3800. But it is obviously backward compatible with any graphic card.

However, DirectX 10.1 is available for Microsoft tester only. But there is a hack tips available to install DirectX 10.1 from Windows services pack 1 Build 6001.16559.

To download Direct X 10.1 for Windows Vista, you will need to install Service Pack 1 through Windows Update Services using a registry hack.

Instructions to active directx 10.1 on Windows vista:

1) Save this text file as File.cmd
2) Then run the batch file with elevated administrator privileges.
3) Install and reboot the computer after installing each update: KB935509, KB937287 and KB93837.
4) After the final reboot, you will get the option to download Windows Vista SP1 in Windows Update.
5) Verify that you have DirectX 10.1 by running dxdiag from the command prompt.

Here are some pictures sample to difference’s from DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 on images quality.

DX 9 scenery from Flight Simulator X

DirectX 9 Flight Simulator Screenshot

And a rendering of the same scenery with DirectX 10

DirectX 10 Flight Simulator Screenshot

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    well i think the second picture
    must be dx10. right?

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    You’ve got the images mixed up .. the better one’s DX10 .. πŸ˜€

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    I did what the instructions say but when I do the update it says no updates available. Can anyone tell me what i might be doing wrong.

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    ive been looking for dx10 for ages!! im running,is there any1 out there that can perhaps give me a link 2 download dx10????

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    Me to-> Where can i find directX 10 for Vista (32bit) ?

  • km


    you can check out the latest Windows Vista Services Pack 1. The DirectX 10.1 has been included inside Vista SP1

  • km


    windows vista SP 1 already bundle with DirectX 10. Just install Windows vista SP 1, you will get the directx 10 files.

  • Nathan

    Ok i did everything and it did not install directx 10.1…plus when i boot up it always looks for a install9.msi file…where did i go wrong?

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    ive been looking for dx10 for ages!! im running,is there any1 out there that can perhaps give me a link 2 download dx10????

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    I save the text file into notepad with the .cmd . When i open it, it says “access is denied”. How do i fix it so i can get 10.1

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    Hey umm here is the link to download directx 10
    just click continue…

    if you do not have an original copy of windows vista it will not work!

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    Where the hell to download it?I can’t find it on microsoft.Please someone give me a direct link!!

  • Alexander

    For everyone that has problems using this guide, do this;

    Open Windows update, and install all awailable updates you can.

    Go to:

    And download the Vista SP1 standalone update, run it and reboot.

    Now pres "start + r" , andΒ type "dxdiag", then press enter!

    At the window you get, you will see "DirectX-version: DirectX XX.X"

    If it says 10.1, then you have sucsessfully updated your DX to 10.1… If not, you probably get someone else to do it for you!

    Peace out

  • moleau

    I have vista whit SP1 version 6001 and no have directx 10.1 dxdiag: DirectX 10, what the problem?

  • NOOB

    Hi, I recently got a new Windows Vista computer around September ’08 with the service pack 1, when i go into the dxdiag and see which version of the DirectX i have, it says I have only the DirectX 10, not 10.1. How can i get this new version?

    PLZ HELP!!!

  • NOOB

    HI, i forgot to mention that my vista is a 32-bit version, i went to the Microsoft download site for DirectX 10, but it says in the description of it being DirectX 9.0c….from this site it says DirectX 9.0c “”

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    download direct 10.1 for vindows vista x64 – ati radeon hd4879x2

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    Where can I download DirectX 10.1??????? Please help me.

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    hey i have download the text file & its completed successfully but not receving any updates from microsoft is there any other way to download the updates. thankx in advance

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    DirectX 10 1

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    it’s still not working at my OS
    if i install directx10 isnt it working?…

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    yeah ok directx is so great hahaha now how do i download it where do i go to actually get it and does anyone know if this fixes the “direct3d devce failed” message that comes up on rollercoaster tycoon 3?

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    Can ANYONE help me find Directx 10.1 for Windows 7 64-bit?? My graphics card (GeForce GT220) shipped with 10, but will support up to 10.1 However, Windows 7 ships with 11, but only uses 10 on my computer…HELP!!

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