Download Windows Media Player 12 for Vista


Windows Media Player 12, the upcoming Windows media player software that will be released on Windows 7. The interface of Windows Media Player 12 is similar like Windows Media Player 11 which Windows media Player 12 has brighter look and lighter processing than WMP11plus more advance WMP features included.

If you have seen Window Media Player 12 screen shot before, you will definitely run Windows Media Player 12 on your current Windows platform. However, Microsoft is not planning to release Windows Media Player 12 yet.

Windows Media Player 12 Screenshot:

Windows Media player 12 download

But now, you download Windows Media player 12 and run it on Vista. Thanks to Mikasi2009 one of deviantART user founds the way to get Windows Media Player 12 on windows vista. This Windows Media Player 12 vista version is actually extracted from Windows 7 and by copying these WMP 12 system files in your windows vista which you can run Windows Media Player 12 on your windows machine.

Download link: Windows Media Player 12 Vista Version

Step to install Windows Media Player 12 For Vista:

Before doing installation, make sure you follow the step clearly and create a restore in your computer. This way you can be sure nothing goes wrong with your current version of Windows Media Player.

1. Backup wmploc.dll from C:\Windows\System32
2. Backup Windows Media Player folder from C:\Program Files
3. Copy wmploc.dll from downloaded files  in C:\Windows\System32
4. Copy Windows Media Player folder from downloaded files to C:\Program Files

Meanwhile, This Windows media player 12 has been taken from the original files of Windows Media Player 12.0.7000.7000 from Windows 7 Build 7000.

  • Mike

    Be very careful with this!
    users using WMP12 says there is an error which leads to corruption of your mp3 files on your computer (when played)…Microsoft is aware of this and has promised to fix this before the officiel beta release..and there will soon be a fix on windows update aswell..

  • pongscript

    Be carefull guys, this could make your vista cry for license or activation.

  • Ahiezer

    Oye pero ya intente sustituir el archivo de wmploc.dll por el que marca aqui para tener la version 12 de windows media player y no me deja me marca que necesito permisos para eso cuando soy el unico usuario del equipo y soy administrador, hay alguna otra forma de poder hacerlo??? Gracias.

  • Sucka MC

    WINDOWS 7 SUCKS! – How many fools will not even see that Microsoft only changed the look of functionality which is exactly the same as Vista, same functionality means you have the same OS. What a waste of a billion dollar company. What are they doing at Microsoft?, cutting their toe nails all day long? Microsoft always sucked and will always suck.

  • Jogodé Bigodofreda

    Não ligue para o meu nome. Eu nem baixei e já vi que é uma porcaria. Deve ser mesmo. Hehehehehe. o baixem u DNX , mixer de audio muito bom.

  • hugo

    Seu nao percebi o que e para fazer :s

  • ciao sono giovanni o vorrei scaricare window madia player ditemio come si fa

  • art

    uh, woulda been nice to say “64-bit version” or put both versions up there

  • Duein

    After following every instruction and restarted the pc, I proceed to launch wmp from my quick launch..

    “C:Program FilesWindows Media Playerwmplayer.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”

    I decided to go into Program Files to launch the setup.exe and the wmplayer.exe. Same prob.

    What did I do wrong?

  • Xu Henshui

    I really want to own windows media player 12 for vista and hope to get.

  • Tom Johnson

    When I extrat the files and attempt to run setup_wm.exe I get the same msg: setup_wm.exe is not a valid WIN32 application. I attempted this on my Vista SP1 laptop

  • Nikola

    This is not for Vista this for Windows 7!This is from DeviantART from Mikasi2009 . Even he said this is for Windows 7.I intentionally tried it and this DOESN’T WORK ON VISTA.Taking ownership is easy and you can do it with TakeOwnership.reg which you can google on net.

  • david

    yo tengo instalado el supuesto reproductor wm 12 (en windows vista) y me sale: “C: \ Archivos de programa \ Windows Media Player \ Wmplayer.exe no es una aplicación Win32 válida”.

    y en propiedades no me dejar poner la compatibilidad como si estuviera protegido o bloqueado.

  • nicangel

    yes thank yes

  • DJME

    Yah, way to post that THIS IS FOR 64 BIT SYSTEMS, not 32 bit! Talk about dropping the ball on the most important piece of info about this download. Good thing I made that backup, cuz otherwise I’d have a non-working player and a screwt-up PC. Thanks guy.

  • L

    lol Mikasi2009 from DeviantART even describes in his comment that “It doesn’t work on Windows XP/Vista! Works only on Windows 7 so don’t ask anymore or give comments about that!” But it still has the possibility of working ONLY WINDOW VISTA 64-BITS, you may screw up your pc if you try it on VISTA 32-BIT.

  • L

    Well, Mikasi2009 from DeviantART said it’s only for Window 7 so doesn’t Window 7 supposed to already have its WMP?

  • Yan

    It says you need permission for this action when I copy the wmploc.dll into system32 directory. That’s why I can’t copy the into that directory. what do I have to do for the problem.
    Please help me.

  • bongo

    I gt vista 32 bit n tried installin it just sed not valid 32bit app so no problems caused but this idiot should tell us

  • Crazycat1294

    As I see this was a 64-bit version, I’ll try to do this with my 32-bit Windows 7 build.
    Can’t promise anything, but I’ll post the results back here when I’m done.

  • Crazycat1294

    No, the 32-bit WMP from Windows 7 build 7000 doesn’t run on Vista.

  • Joe

    The reason that you are getting the error message about it not being a valid 32 bit app is because the files posted on here are from a 64 bit system, so this will only work if you are running 64 bit vista. the simple solution is :
    1) find a freind who has 32 bit Win7
    2) copy their Windows Media Player folder from C:\Program Files
    3. Copy wmploc.dll from their C:\Windows\System32 folder
    4. paste your friends windows media folder to C:\Program Files
    5. Paste your friends wmploc.dll into your C:\Windows\System32 folder
    now try running wmp, or just wait fro the Microsoft release

  • Joe

    La razón que usted está consiguiendo el mensaje de error sobre él que no es 32 un pedacito válido app es porque los archivos fijados encendido aquí son de un sistema de 64 pedacitos, así que esto trabajará solamente si usted está funcionando vista de 64 pedacitos. la solución simple es: 1) encuentre a un amigo que tenga 32 pedacito Win7 ¡RESPALDO TODOS SUS ARCHIVOS DE MEDIOS Y FICHEROS DEL SISTEMA DE WMP ANTES DE IR MÁS LEJOS!!! 2) copie su carpeta de Windows Media Player de los archivos de C:\Program 3. Copie wmploc.dll de su carpeta de C:\Windows\System32 4. pegue su carpeta del Windows Media de los amigos a los archivos de C:\Program 5. Pegue a sus amigos wmploc.dll en su carpeta de C:\Windows\System32 ahora intente funcionar el wmp, o apenas espere el lanzamiento de Microsoft

  • abc

    if it only works on windows 7, why bother!! wmp12 is already included in it!! stupid!!

  • Joe

    That would be the simpler option, but their is just no satisfying some people

  • Phillip Corcoran

    People install dodgy, unofficial stuff ripped from another OS, they probably haven’t read all the warnings, then they ask “What did I do wrong – it doesn’t work?” or “Help, it screwed my Windows up!”

    Then they have the cheek to blame it on Microsoft for making a cr*p operating system!

    And the guy who said Microsoft is rubbish and Windows 7 is no better than Windows Vista – he should limit his opinions to what he knows about, ‘cos he couldn’t be more wrong!