Free iolo Drive Scrubber License

Free iolo Drive Scrubber License

As we have posting free iolo System mechanic license key and iolo search and recover 5 license before. And now, here is a special another iolo promotion which gives away iolo Drive Scrubber license key for one year.

iolo Drive Scrubber is a powerful file deleting program for your drive. As PC hard drives contain private data that can be easily read and recovered using data recovery program, even if the drive has been reformatted. So, iolo Drive Scrubber can help you wipe off your personal data or sensitive data permanently without leaving any track to recover.

Meanwhile, this data deleting software has met the standards of U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M disk-sanitizing standard. Which you can wiping deleted file sensitive data like using U.S. Military-strength computer file deleting tools.

iolo Drive Scrubber can Protects you in three ways

1. Wipe the entire drive – prevent personal information from falling into the wrong hands by securely eliminating all existing data before selling, discarding, donating or reassigning your PC.
2. Wipe just the free space, erasing all remnants of deleted data to maintain ongoing security, while keeping existing files and operating system intact.

3: Clean and restore drives that have been infected or damaged by stubborn spyware or viruses. One wipe with DriveScrubber and your drives are as good as new.

get free iolo drive scrubber license

iolo Drive Scrubber consider as an ideal file deleting software wipe off your personal or business data stored in computer. There is no way to get your data back after washing with the help of iolo Drive Scrubber. Plus more, this can avoid your information stolen through online hacking or other data recovery ways.

So, below is the step how to get free iolo Drive Scrubber License key for one year to delete your sensitive file forever.

How to get Free DriveScrubber license for one year:

1. Go to promotion page and press Continue.

2. Then you will see DriveScrubber – 1 Year Subscription on description information. Press button Secure CheckOut.

3. Just fill out the form with valid email but other details can be fake as you want. Press button Continue.

4. Select Email delivery for receiving the Drive Scrubber license via email.

5. Finally press Place Order button to complete the process.

6. Check your email. You will have a 20-digits code in the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX along with your UserID.

7. Go to download iolo Drive Scrubber. After download DriveSrubber program, install it with your free license code which you received in email.

  • Rayman

    WOW what a deal!! I was very sceptical when I found this site through google but it worked! I got the Drive Scrubber program free for 1 year NO STRINGS attached!! Full functional program that I’ve used to wipe my drives clean.

    Thanks TechMixer!! You guys are the Best!