FREE Norman Virus Control License Key for 48 months

FREE Norman Virus Control License Key for 48 months

Here is another free anti virus trick to get Norman Virus Control License Key for 48 months. Getting this Norman Virus Control 4 year license key for free at least can protect your computer security for the coming 4 year. Plus more, Norman Virus Control is a top 10 list of Anti virus software that widely user on the world.

This Norman Virus Control full license registration key supply an unique Norman SandBox technology protects against new and unknown computer viruses, worms and Trojans. Which always offers protection from as-yet unidentified viruses using its heuristic engine to detect virus-like behavior. Beside that, all E-mails will be scanned for viruses before they reach the mailbox to ensure that viruses do not propagate this way. Norman Virus Control support All Windows platform from Win 98 to Vista, Linux and Mac OS X.

The latest version Norman Virus Control v5.90 also features new filter drivers that make on-access scanning easier and more efficient on platforms where Microsoft’s Filter Manager is implemented. Meanwhile, Norman Virus control also passes ICSA and West Coast Labs level 1 & 2 independent testing, so the virus detection engine within Norman virus control is unquestionably one of the best there is.

Norman Anti Virus / Virus Control

How to get a free Norman Virus Control license key for 48 months:

  1. Just go here
  2. Enter your personal details like name, email address, etc and enter HIO-7782-NO at Norman OEM code key and submit.
  3. After a while you will receive an email that includes your Norman Virus Control license key.
  4. Download the latest Norman Virus Control and install. For other languages , visit their download page for more language options.
  5. After install, right click at the Norman Virus Control tray icon and select Internet Update. It will ask you to enter a valid authentication key. Select “I have a key, where do I enter it? and click the Next button.
  6. . Enter your Norman Virus Control authentication key and click Finish button.

Basically Norman Virus Control is Norman Anti virus software. This Norman virus control is not the latest norman security product. But Norman Virus Control support all Windows platform from Win 98 to Vista, Linux and Mac OS X.


Update 2 : How to get Norman Security Suite v 7 with Free 1 Year License

1. Go to this page

2. Enter your name, email (make sure it’s a working one), OEM Code (Registriercode) as PRX812SS-DE PCMG8SS-DE and click the Bestätigen button.

3. Check your email and you should receive an email from Norman Web ( with the subject Norman – Lizenz. Note down the authentication license key which is in 5×5 character format.

4. Download the latest version of Norman Security Suite. There are 32 and 64 bit of installer with many different languages.

5. During installation, you’ll be prompted to enter the 5×5 character license key. Paste the key and continue with the installation. Restart the computer when prompted to and make sure you run the update in Norman Security Suite to update all products to the latest versions.

  • Prakash

    Now this offer is no longer available. i think they blacklisted the OEM code may be due to heavy request.

  • km


    Thanks for the information, I have try and confirm that norman virus contorl oem code has been blacklisted.

  • ast

    why is HIO-7782-NO not available anymore?
    do you have the other one?
    my computer is at arisk now.
    thank you

  • tukang nggame

    Wow, thanks a lot….free yess……he..he..he..

  • multikm

    Another Free Norman Antivirus and Anti Spyware 7.3 License Giveaway

    Free offer Details:
    First visit this promotional page
    Now just enter your Name,e-mail adress,country and (below) OEM Code,then click submit button
    OEM code: WXPMASS12-UK

    Then you’ll receive an e-mail from Norman Web team very soon containing a free Registration key

    Note: Windows 7 users are requested convert above key by visiting this link
    Download the installation file from below links
    Windows Xp & vista:
    windows 7 :

  • multikm

    Here is Norman Antivrus 3 year key, which STILL WORKING FOR Fujitsu Siemens Computers offers …..BUT EVERYONE CAN ALSO USE THAT….

    go to page below

    register with this key