Free Unlimited Online & Offsite Backup with CrassPlan

Free Unlimited Online & Offsite Backup with CrassPlan

CrashPlan, a new backup software that offers online and offsite backup functionality for computer user. The most attractive of Crashplan is their online backup storage services, which they offer unlimited backup storage for free.

crashplan free unlimited online backup storage

All backups files using crashplan backup software will be encrypted using advanced compression technology before they are transmitted to multiple offsite destinations. Furthermore, CrashPlan can insures your privacy by encrypting your files before they are sent, keeping personal files personal by preventing others from knowing anything about your data.

Installing CrashPlan backup software is simple and it will runs quietly in the background protecting your files without slowing down your computer performance and Internet access for online backup purpose. Meanwhile, you can limit how much bandwidth is used while you are at your computer and while you’re away. Furthermore, you can specify which folders and filenames you do not want backed up. Plus a secure web interface is given for remotely manage your online backup.

With CrashPlan free online & offsite backup software, you have the more backup destination freedom to store your backup files. Plus more, Crashplan online backup services is hosted on the state of art data center facility without any worries of losing data.

Most important is CrashPlan backup software able to runs on Cross-Platform (Mac, PC, Linux, Solaris) to backup your files online and offsite.

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  • Nick

    Yes, Crashplan is great! It is now picked as one of the top 75 online backup companies (in enterprise sector):

  • Kevin

    It is very important these days to have backup documents of your files. More especially if you are running a business you need to keep track of the progress by referring to the previous files.

  • Deborah

    A robust data back up plan ensures safety during crisis,imagine the horror of losing all vital business data.I prefer to keep my data back up programs updated and do not mind if i have to invest a few more dollars

  • Teddy

    CrashPlan online backup free for 30 days only (trial)! Totally free backup only with local HDD or PC. Its not clear to announce.

  • wyn

    Great article about crasshplan.I love safecopy backup and it is what i use.Well it is an online backup solution but with this system,my files have been secure.

  • Mik

    This is so good.Wyn thanks for introducing safecopy backup.Am currently using the 3GB free unlimited trial version and waiting to registered for a paid account.