Free Web Analytics Software Track Website Traffic


Here is the top 3 open source web analytic software to build your own web analytic system to monitor website traffic and visitor tracking. Web Analytic is very useful which it provides data collection, data analysis and reporting for the purpose of optimizing web site usage. Plus more, building your own web analytic services can allow owning your website traffic data without explore your website traffic to others.

Since there are number of web analytic that are available out there. But each web analytic are uses different approaches in obtaining data and performing the analysis. So, below is the free web analytic software to track your website traffic and visitor.

Open Source Web Analytic Software List to Track Website Traffic:

Open Web Analytic – Open Source PHP Web Analytic

Open Web Analytic

Open Web Analytics is Web analytic framework that allow any interested website owner integrates web analytic features into any web application. Meanwhile, Open Web Analytic framework also offers various powerful website traffic tracking / reporting features like heat maps, multiple websites, Google Maps integration and RSS/Atom subscription tracking. Plus more, you can add other open source resources like Open Flash Chart or PHP Mailer & requires PHP 4.2.2+ with GD enabled to enhance Open web analytic reporting and other web anayltic features.

Piwik – Open Source Web Analytic to build own web analytic

Piwik open source web analytic software

Piwik web analytic services is a web analytic gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages, the search engines keywords and listed in a variety of ways (bar graph, pie charts, simple writing). Meanwhile, Piwik Web Analytic services also build inside plugin which mean you can add new features and remove the web analytic features that you don’t need. Plus more, you can build their customization plugin to add on Piwik web analytic.

Building own web analytic with Piwik can allow owning your website traffic data. Meanwhile, all traffic information can open APIs to display data(publishing the data in many formats: xml, json, php, csv).

CrawlTrack – Comprehensive Web Analytic


CrawlTraffic is a free web analytic and SEO analysis software with an exclusive webmaster script. CrawlTrack tracks comprehensive information about visitors to your site including number and origin of visitors, the bounce rate, the number of file downloads, your server load usage and your site indexation, and the number of 404 errors. Such information helps to optimize your site.

Beside that, CrawlTrack also measures the audience on your site allowing you full control over the data without depending on any external server unlike Google web analytic services. Beside that, CrawlTrack also prevents hacking attempts on your site by blocking numerous code injection or SQL injection tentative.

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    This blog really made me think about Web Analytic.
    I wonder what they will think of next
    I think I am going to subscribe.

  • Henrik

    Another option is It’s not open source but free to use.

    UserReport is a free analytics service that generates detailed statistics about the demographic profile of visitors to a website. The product is targeted towards webmasters and contains a free survey-tool as well as a free feedback-forum called CrowdIntelligence.