Comodo Antispam – Free Anti Spam Software To eliminate Spam Email

Comodo Antispam – Free Anti Spam Software To eliminate Spam Email

Comodo AntiSpam, free anti spam software to stop spam emails or filter spam emails before spam email reaching on your desktop email software. Meanwhile, it is compatible with many popular email clients such as Outlook, Windows Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird and other popular email client software. Plus more, Installing Comodo antispam on your computer is simple plug-and-play installation with no tortuous learning sessions and no filter rules to configure.

Meanwhile, Comodo antispam utilizes a lot of advanced anti spam technologies like Passcode Authentication technology, patent-pending, active-filtering algorithm to ensure spam email are blocking before entering to your desktop email software.

Furthermore, Comodo AntiSpam eliminates all spam email without hogging valuable computer system resources. Unlike some antispam systems, it has a minimal resource and memory footprint and operates in the background allowing you to access your email and run all your usual programs without bringing your system to a standstill.

comodo antispam - free antispam software

Comodo AntiSpam – Anti Spam Technologies Features:

  • Total Spam Elimination – Using proprietary Passcode Authentication Technology – an active filtering algorithm that authenticates the SENDER of each incoming email message, eliminating spam once and for all!
  • Sender based authentication – Comodo AntiSpam is not reliant on heuristic systems or externally maintained white lists – you control exactly who can send you mails – it’s your inbox, lets keep it that way.
  • Thwart the Spam Bots – Every time you receive a mail from an unauthorized sender, Comodo AntiSpam’s advanced Challenge-Response system alerts the sender to authenticate a non machine-readable graphic containing your authorization code. Spam Bots have no way to correctly answer these mails, ensuring you only ever receive confirmations from genuine contacts.
  • Automatically authenticate your address book – AntiSpam can import your email address book and automatically add the contacts to your ‘allowed sender’ list – avoiding the need to manually authenticate your existing list of friends and colleagues.
  • Pro-active Spam defense – Take the fight to the spammers!! When spam reporting is enabled, CAD 2005 will automatically send a ‘spam report’ email to the postmaster of the spammer’s domain.
  • Independent Quarantine Database – Comodo antispam software allows users to view, analyze and sort messages that are pending authentication – facilitating instant, preemptive authentication of all messages.
  • Server Synchronization feature allows you maintain spam – free email access from any remote computer with Comodo AntiSpam installed. If you alter rules on one machine, they are automatically transposed onto any machine you access mail from – you never lose the current state of your Passcode Authentication.

If you’re searching client based anti spam software, Comodo AntiSpam is guaranteed one of them can eliminate all spam from your computer. Meanwhile, it helps protect keep your email secure. The free spam filter is very easy to install and is completely free.

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