Free Windows Live Messenger Emoticons Download From MSN Canada Site


After posting download Windows Live Messenger 3D Emoticons from MSN France, here is another set of free windows live messenger emoticons and wallpaper from MSN Canada site to cheer up your windows live messenger usage. 

Over the MSN Canada site, there are many windows live messenger emoticon packs are available to choose from. You will really enjoy with the new ones. 

download windows live messenger emoticons

Beside that, MSN Canada site also provides several wallpapers to download. In order to download free wallpapers, first you need to download a small installer file, which when executed, will download the wallpapers for you.

download msn wallpapers

However, you need to note three things before you start downloading emoticons and wallpapers. When you execute the downloaded “.exe” file, the installer checks the following three options by default:
1. Use Live Search as my default Search Engine
2. Make Simpatico/MSN my default home page
3. Set your browser default language to English-Canada(en-CA)
4. Make sure you uncheck the options if you don’t like to set the above options.

Download Windows Live Messenger Emoticons and MSN Wallpaper Page