Get Free Unlimited Online File Storage With LiveDrive


LiveDrive, a free unlimited online storage services doesn’t stopping you uploading multi Gigabytes or terabytes document files stores on their storage server. 

livedrive free unlimited storage

LiveDrive online storage service is similar like others offer you all the normal features like backup, sharing, mobile access and a web portal to manage and upload your files. But LiveDrive unlimited online storage has their own advantage which users running Windows XP/Vista machines are able to download a stand alone client which adds a virtual drive to their computer assigned to the letter L.  Plus more, LiveDrive storage client software for Mac users is in the development progress.

Meanwhile, you could use LiveDrive as an offsite backup tool like Carbonite or Mozy with their Windows Explorer integration tools. Just install your favorite file backup utility and point it to the L drive. Plus selecting your custom domain,, for accessing their files and sharing them during their sign up progress.
livedrive windows free unlimited storage space

LiveDrive Unlimited Online File Storage Key features includes

  • Unlimited storage space
  • View files on any device
  • Works like a normal hard drive
  • Option to send large files to anyone
  • Optimized for Apple iPhone
  • Access iTunes Music Library from all your Pc’s
  • Automatic Backup system
  • Your own Web portal to securely access your files
  • Work Offline
  • Share your photos, videos and other files via the web with a click on a button
  • Publish straight to Facebook, Youtube and more

I personally think LiveDrive unlimited online file storage service is good place to backup your complete files offsite. Instead storing your documents or files on your hard drive. However, Livedrive currently is free unlimited storage while in beta, but I have a feeling the company will probably start charging a fee when the beta ends. 

Visit LiveDrive – Free unlimited online file storage service

  • mazwin


  • master

    Eine ordentliche Übersetzung würde sicherlich die serioösität der Seite verbessern!

  • Arvind Sudevan

    Is this free and what’s the storage capacity?

  • Michael

    It is not free. I don’t know if it one was and this page is just stale or if they lied and did a bait and switch. 🙁

  • Chris

    I m not here to bash, but I feel the need to get the word out. is a scam! Yes, it had awesome potential. That’s why it is so sad, but as soon as the trial is over you will NOT get a reply from the support team. They say “24 hour response” and “priority response” for premier customers (me). It is nothing less than a lie though. Again, I had my hopes in livedrive too, but now they have my money and will not respond to ANY support. I don’t know what happened, but it is a SCAM!


  • Ryan

    Really have to back up the previous comment. Livedrive has lost all my data older than about 6 months. The support services took about a month to get in touch and then blamed my laptop. Absolutely horrible and the loss has cost me alot more than the subscription.

    Buggy from day one and ultimately worse than useless. Infact positively harmful