Getting Started Earning Money with AdSense Video Units

Getting Started Earning Money with AdSense Video Units

I have wrote about YouTube AdSense Video Units around last week which Google planning integrating adsense with youtube player. However, the reality of Youtube Adsense advertisement video unit has officially announcedon Adsense blogspot which user can start
embedded youtube video units with adsense code to your site.

First at all, Adsense publisher require login to their account to active the ” video unit ” from the Adsense setup tab. Then, publisher will enter youtube credentials. After successful login, You can start customize and adding your Adsense into youtube video player which look and fits the best on your site.

Here is a Live sample of AdSense embedded video unit can be seen on the AdSense blog.

However, The video ads unit still not available yet on my adsense account control panel yet because this feature is open only to publishers located in the United States with English-language websites only. Meanwhile, there is no information how the revenue will be shared.

Source : Adsense BlogSpot

  • Jeff

    One of the bigger issues I see off-hand is figuring out the best placement for the video player. The smallest size is 400×415, so that really limits placement.

    I setup the adsense video units this morning on a couple of my blogs and will see what happens. My adsense account simply shows “Video Units” as another channel under “Adsense for Content” with data for impressions, clicks, earnings, etc.

  • km


    i think the video unit is totally eat up our website space. Meanwhile, No sure this video unit will give the publisher a good revenue.

    Might to let us know the adsense video unit and the revenue result if you testing out the video unit.

  • km

    @Elok Computer

    if you have adsense account, then you can customized the youtube video by adding your adsense code on it.