How To Create Free iPhone Ringtone With iTunes 8 ( Video Tutorial )


Here’s an easy video tutorial that teach how to create free iPhone Ringtone with iTunes 8.0 from Cnet Brian Tang. Over this video tutorial, Brian will teach you step by step creating free custom iPhone Ringtone with iTunes 8.  This create free iPhone ringtone video tutorial can be apply on Windows and Mac platform.

However, this create free iPhone ringtone with iTunes video tutorial doesn’t with the song that purchases from iTunes music store. But you can convert any MP3 song into iPhone ringtone provided the song file is not protected by DRM such as the songs that purchase from Amazon store or ripped from a CD.

if you not clear with the video tutorial, you can check out this Create custom iPhone ringtones using iTunes tutorial post which the entire tutorial is stated clear in wording.

Via Cnet