Look@Lan- Free IP Address Scanner and Network Monitoring software


Look@lan, a free IP address scanner plus network monitoring software that able to scan any devices of IP address from your home LAN ( Local Area network ) to Internet provider WAN ( Wide Area Network ) for network monitoring purpose.

The LookatLan IP address scanner plus network monitoring software is extremely easy to use which you can scan all your network IP address and nodes within few clicks only. Plus more, an advances network monitor features such as auto-detect of network configuration, monitoring, report trapping, network statistics and network graphs, network tree view, network log, proof single node scan, SNMP , OS detection and so on allow you understand the overall of your current network status.

Beside that, the LookatLan network monitoring software also analysis in depth every ip address and noddes which includes real-time traceroute report, SNMP , ping results, active services (open ports) and more on.

Major features of Look@Lan network IP Scanner and network monitoring software

  • Extremely User Friendly
  • Extreme Operation Speed
  • Usable in any IP Network Node
  • Monitoring and Reporting Built with Advanced Network-Programming Routines
  • Auto-Detect of Network Settings
  • Scanning of one or more Scan-Ranges
  • World’s Faster Node Discovery Scan
  • Automatic and Manual Network Configuration
  • Network Statistics and Graphs
  • Profile Export (text and HTML)
  • Advanced Trapping
  • Network Log
  • Network Tree View
  • Proof Single Node Scan
  • Real-time reporting

What i can say is Look@LAN is a must network software for anyone who works with networks. The speed and utility of this IP scanner and network monitoring program is above and beyond any other free program that perform network monitoring purpose.

Download Look@Lan IP Scanner and Network Monitoring Software

Screenshot of LookatLan IP Scanner and Network Monitoring Software

Network IP Scan result - LookatLan

LookatLan - Individual IP address Port Scan result

  • mymy

    hope to use incredible software soon , I want to spy on those using internet during working hours.

  • nick

    keep it up

  • Vinicius

    Excelente software, ajuda muito.

  • Boyd Langton

    Excellent software.
    They have now released a new engine finally running on Vista (and linux and Mac) at http://www.over-look.org!!
    It’s only command-line (GUI should come soon), but way fast!!! Discovered my 200 hosts in 4.3 secs!

  • Fábio Sela

    Gostaria de saber se já existe alguma versão ou atualização deste software para windows vista, pois o mesmo é perfeito para windows xp.

  • prabhulal jangid

    Excellent software.