Lookout Mobile Antivirus – Free Mobile Antivirus For Android, BlackBerry and Windows...

Lookout Mobile Antivirus – Free Mobile Antivirus For Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

Lookout mobile antivirus

Lookout mobile antivirus, a free mobile antivirus comes with three major mobile features such as mobile Antivirus, Locate Missing Phone and mobile Backup. Meanwhile, it supports various smart phone operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Symbian and windows mobile smart phone platform.

Since mobile virus and mobile malware no much appear on smart mobile phone, but still security vendor giving out timely warning notices of alarming rise in mobile viruses. Mobile phone viruses do exist but lesser in number, and that doesn’t mean that your data at mobile phones are safe.

So, Lookout Mobile antivirus perhaps is a good security solution for your blackberry storm, Google Android and Windows Mobile 7 protection.  With this mobile antivirus installed, you can enjoy three main core features from Lookout mobile antivirus to keep your phone and data safe! Prevent data loss, block malware, hackers, viruses and more such as below:

Major features on Lookout Mobile Antivirus:

  • Secure your smartphone – Lookout mobile antivirus automatically checks every app you download for viruses and spyware so you can download the latest apps without worry. It scans regularly, updates automatically and is lightweight so it doesn’t drain your precious battery.
  • Protect your most important data – Backup all the data on your phone: pictures, contacts, SMS, mp3s, music files, videos, and more. Easily access it from any web browser and restore your data to a new device quickly.
  • Download apps without worry – Lookout scans every app before you download it so you can keep getting your favorite apps like opera mini, twitter, youtube, mig33, ebuddy, facebook, yamee, nimbuzz, skype and fring, without worrying about downloading viruses.
  • Stop hackers in their tracks - Lookout firewall and attack protection blocks hackers from getting into your phone so you can freely use WiFi, bluetooth, or any public network connection.
  • Locate Missing smart phone – When a mobile device is lost or stolen. Your private information may be compromised, there is a significant monetary loss in the cost of replacing the device, and you are disconnected from the world. So, Lookout mobile antivirus stays in control of your device, even when you aren’t in control of it. Lookout enables you to respond when your device is lost or stolen. Locate your device, sound an alarm, wipe your personal information—all remotely from the web.
  • Centralized dashboard – An online central dashboard to keep an eye on the status of all your devices across multiple mobile operating systems.

Lookout Mobile antivirus locates missing phone

How to obtain Lookout Mobile Antivirus:

Lookout mobile antivirus Installation is easy and just takes a couple minutes. Once you have registered you can log in to your account at https://www.mylookout.com/registration to interact with your device and data.

So, I think Lookout mobile antivirus definitely is a good free mobile antivirus to install on your smart mobile phone. Since the mobile antivirus software is totally free for everyone and their impressive locate missing smart phone features and online mobile storage backups features sure will be a good value added features to your smart phones beside protect your smart mobile phone from mobile virus attack.

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