Meebo Cross-IM File Transfers are Now Available

Meebo Cross-IM File Transfers are Now Available

The popular web-based instant messaging service Meebo has finally added their file transfer feature after launched 2 years ago. It is great that file transfers are now available! Read Meebos Blog post here: this File Transfer feature, you can shares files to your friends in different chat services on the web with Meebo IM. All you have to do is click on the “Send File” button in the chat window and upload a file. Your friend on the other end will receive a link to click and accept. You can only transfer a maximum of 10MB files at a time, and each user is limited to 30MB/month. You must be a Meebo user to use the File Transferring feature.

meebo - Cross IM file transfer features

Currently you can only receive files sent by a meebo user. Meebo not allow you receive files from others using the other services like AOL, Live MSN, or Yahoo yet. Wish we could receive files from others using other chat clients in future.

The File Transfer feature is currently available in Internet Explore and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

  • red_rose_gurl

    I’d like to recieve a file, sent by gothic.gaara.also.emo which is not available in the server, as the meebo server says. I want to recieve that file