MKN Performance Monitor – Real Time Computer System Performance Monitoring Freeware

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MKN Performance Monitor , a real time system monitoring freeware help Windows user understand more detailed information about their computer system, I/O, and processor performance. Plus more, MKN performance monitor will refresh every 0.1 seconds to make sure you get truly real live of system information.

mkn performance monitor

Meanwhile, MKN Performance Monitor shows information about each processor core in the system, including the CPU usage, the KERNEL mode time, hardware processor usage, and the processor’s current clock frequency. Plus more, a performance graphs showing accurate graphs and stats for the processor usage, and brings to front a parameter not so often taken into consideration, namely I/O operations.

Overall, MKN Performance Monitor offers you useful data about how your system behaves, although there are better utilities for the same.

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    Nice info! However, the performance of a personal computer may also depend on how updated your device drivers are.