MyDefrag – Free Windows Defragmenting Tool

MyDefrag – Free Windows Defragmenting Tool

MyDefrag, free windows disk defragmenter tools formerly known as JKDefrag. This defragmenter tools has released a new version with better defrag features and GUI interface. Meanwhile, it also integrated with Microsoft defragmentation api as the core defragmenter engine which it will load fast, low overhead, with better optimization on your hard disk performance.

mydefrag - free windows defragmenter tool

However, the real strength of MyDefrag are the extensive command line parameters and scripting possibilities that make it possible to individualize the defragmentation process. Meanwhile, MyDefrag will organize files into zones, such as directories, Windows files and files used while booting, regular files, and rarely used files. The most accessed files are placed at the beginning of the harddisk, and files that are commonly used together are placed in close proximity to each other.

Furthermore, there are several options (or strategies) to pick from when using MyDefrag.  According the web site it is best to run the “Fast Update” script once per day on a fixed schedule and run the “Slow Optimize” script once in a while by hand, for example every 2 weeks or so. Another good option is to use the “Fast Optimize” script every day, without running “Slow Optimize”.

You can find a complete list of changes by reading the release notes of MyDefrag 4.0 as well as the 12 beta versions that preceded it. Plus more, MyDefrag disk defragmenter tools supports for Windows 2000 /2003 /XP /Vista /2008 /X64.

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