MyVirtualHome – Free 3D Home Design Software


MyVirtualHome, a free 3D home design software that allows windows user design their virtual home design in 3D display mode. This free 3D home design software also both landscaping and interior design features. However, this 3D home design freeware is free for personal use only and work under Windows XP and vista.

Once installed the MyVirtualHome, home design user computer must create an MVH account to download home design object. Then user can start design and draw your floor plan in the built-in designer and then the home design program will convert it into a realistic-looking 3D model.

Once the 3D floor plan is done, user can start decorating it using thousands of products like adding furniture, lamps and chandeliers, sanitary engineering and other accessories to your living place. Instead of using the old-fashioned clipart drawings for these items, MyVirtualHome offers a broad choice of real products with their real dimensions, characteristics and appearance, which you can pack your home with.


There are a lot of pre-designed designed elements including rooms, structural & fixtures, furniture, electrical elements and home materials as below:

  • Rooms: Halls & Entries, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundries, Cupboards & Storage, Home Office, Garages & Carports, and Outdoor Areas.
  • Structural and Fixtures: Doors & Windows, Lighting & Ceiling Fans, Bathroom & Laundry Fixtures, Kitchen Cabinets, Stairs, Columns, Fireplaces, Floors, Safety & Security and Utilities.
  • Furniture: Bedding, Tables, Seating, Desks & Work Areas, Storage & Display, Decorative & Homewares, Nursery, Recreational Furniture, and Home Office.
  • Electrical: Lighting Decor, Entertainment, Computers & communication, Whitegoods & Appliances, Cooling and Heating.
  • Materials: Walls, Floors, Surfaces, Upholstery & Drapery, Paintings, Prints & Logos, Garden Surfaces and Roofing.

Once you finish designing your dream house and save it, this free home design software also provides the ability to record a fly though of a home and have this saved as a movie to YouTube, great for showing off your designs.

So, MyVirtualHome free edition is definitely a nice home design programs to you some home design inspiration before you do any renovation.

Download MyVirtualHome – Free 3D Home Design Software

  • CleanCarve

    I have used this software and it is brilliant. Free, realistic, and easy to use, what more do you want.

  • shamone

    There are many projects available in the under the PLANVIEW for the designing come and post your description about the software you have to get the online projects.

  • This is much more simpler and user friendly than every other home architect software I have come across. But of course it will lack the flexibility of something like 3D Max or CAD.

  • Ola Juarbe

    Good Post. Thanks for sharing.

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    will be great to try your software

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    i want to download it

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    I have update the MyVirtualHome software download link.

    You can download My Virtual Home Software free now.

  • Kitchen

    Due to high technologies, Now every homeowners make online make their conservatories plan and analyze it. Even i have also made 3d kitchen plan for rendering new kitchen. Hope i will make it as well as i pointed out.

  • Anonymous

    This blog is really very nice. I am also using this software and It is an impressive and attractive software for all. Thanks for sharing such a nice information.

  • Anonymous

    This blog is really very nice. I am also using this software and It is an impressive and attractive software for all. Thanks for sharing such a nice information.