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PicMarkr , Online watermark image services that lets you add watermarks on your images. Adding watermarks on picture or image is very useful for content provider or image provider because the watermark can proving the origin and protecting image copyrights from stealing by others.

PicMarkr has three method to add custom watermark on images such as adding text watermark, picture watermark and tiled watermark either with picture or text. Meanwhile, you can set the watermark to be placed at any corner or center of the images.

However, PicMarkr online watermark services only allow you customizing 5 images simultaneously with 25mb file size maximum. Plus more, you can even choose to resize your uploaded pictures and save the watermarked images to your Flickr account or download them to your computer.

PicMarkr online watermark service features:

  • Upload files from computer or grab them from your Flickr account
  • Batch image processing
  • Add text watermark, image watermark or tiled watermark
  • Easy to use: minimum settings, no need to download or install anything

Watermarking methods:

    • Text Watermark – You can type in your text, select preset text color and alignment.
    • Image Watermark – You can upload a graphic or logo and choose the alignment.
    • Tiled Watermark – You can also set your text or graphic in tile.

The only disadvantages of PicMarkr watermarking services is unable undo process to correct if the result is not ‘and hoped that unfortunately must redo everything from scratch.

PicMarkr does a great job in protecting your pictures with watermarks. Check it out at

  • prasad

    this one seems to have a lot of features and its free aswell.

  • Peter

    Recommend Mytoolsoft Watermark Software, add watermark in batch mode.

  • you can add digital watermark by the watermark software .
    If yoh have an flickr account you can replace your Flickr photos with their watermarked copies.

  • Tracey

    i am new to this entire process as far as the watermarking I need to know if Flicker is a must? In order to do the process?

    • km

      I believe Flicker is not a must. You can do watermarking without flicker

  • Dawn

    I am trying PicMarkr, but not able to choose the Font type, size or color as a watermark. It produces only a standard small font which does not work for me. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.