Desktop Tool: Open Unknown File Extension


There are times while working we find many files with unknown extensions. These files cannot be opened with any default applications on our system. If we are aware of the program that can run the file then it’s fine but what if the file extension is new to us? The only probable answer will be searching and getting information about it on the web. Doing this will surely work but doing it manually is surely tiresome. Desktop Tool can do this task for you within minutes.

open unknown file extension Desktop Tool is a free desktop client to directly search the website and provide solution on your desktop. It is easy to use and integrates into context menu. So now only thing that you will need is an active internet connection. You can select an unknown file that you want to open, right click on it  and select the newly added option to find a program for it. desktop tool

This tool not only finds a suitable free application for opening unknown files but also provides adequate information about it. The programs required to open the file can be directly downloaded from this client.

Download Desktop Tool: Open Files With Unknown Extension