Prevent Buffer Overflow Attack with Comodo Memory Firewall

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Comodo Memory Firewall, a free buffer overflow detection and prevention tool which offers real time monitoring your computer memory and application activities to make sure they do not fall prey to buffer overflow attacks.  Most of buffer overflows attack attempts can be detect by free Comodo memory firewall such as attacks on STACK memory, HEAP memory, ret2libc attacks and of corrupted/bad SEH Chains.

comodo memory firewall
Installing Comodo memory firewall is a must for user computer system which it can prevents buffer overflow attacks providing unparalleled desktop security that prevents malware from ever gaining access to a system in the first place.

if not installed, it might lead some evil malicious program or script will deliberately sends more data to its memory buffer than the buffer can handle leaving the system vulnerable to malware that can reformat the hard drive, steal sensitive user information, or even install programs that transform the machine into a Zombie PC.

Comodo Memory Firewall detects the following types of attack:

  • Detection of Buffer Overflows which occur in the STACK memory,
  • Detection of Buffer Overflows which occur in the HEAP memory,
  • Detection of ret2libc attacks,
  • Detection of corrupted/bad SEH Chains

Free Comodo Memory firewall is simple to use which the default setting already enough to prevent the Buffer overflow attacks. Meanwhile, this memory firewall support Windows XP , Vista and 2003 ( 32bit and 64bits )

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