Process Lasso: Manages Windows Process Priority

Process Lasso: Manages Windows Process Priority

Process Lasso is a nice process manager utility which helps you improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability during the time of high CPU load. At that time, it automatically adjusts the priorities of running programs such that the impact of badly behaved processes gets minimized.

Process Lasso allows you to choose what priority process should run. It also disallows certain programs from running, log all programs run, automatically restart programs, limit the number of instances of program and various other operations.

The utility also comes with an option of configuring game process by providing the path of the process. It will automatically adjust the processes so that the game runs smoothly (You also need enable the gaming mode for thsat). You can also configure high performance power scheme process, anti-sleep process and much more.

Process Lasso

As soon as you install Process Lasso, it starts working and tries to avoid hangs and lags if CPU load is high. It does all this while consuming almost no system resources.

Process Lasso comes with a file size of 1.89MB and runs well in Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7.

Download Process Lasso – Manage Windows Process Priority