Rapidshare Download Manager Software List


Here is a Rapidshare download manager software list enable user to download rapidshare files from RapidShare.com and RapidShare.de either using Rapidshare premium account or Rapidshare free account. Using Rapidshare download manager can help user to manage their Rapidshare files downloading progress. Meanwhile, some of the Rapidshare download manager that provides can enter the captcha or image verification automatically.

Rapidshare Download Manager Software List:

1. Rapget

Rapidshare Download Manager Software - Rapget
Rapget is a RapidShare download manager tool that allows you download Rapidshare files simultaneously either Rapidshare premium account or Rapidshare free account. if you using Rapidshare free account, it will automatically enter CAPTCHA codes for you, download one file at a time, and wait a specified period of time before attempting to download your next file. Plus more, it support various file hosting services like box.net, megaupload and etc.

Download rapget

2. JDownloader

Java Rapidshare Download Manager - JDownloader
a Rapidshare Download Manager simply add as many download links to it which will all be stored and processed one after the other. The image verification will be filled automatically by JDownloader. All you need is keep JDownloader running all the time without having to actively manage downloads process. Plus more, JDownloader needs Java to be installed on your computer.

Download JDownloader – Java Based Rapidshare Download Manager

3. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager support rapidshare download

An internet file download manager that support Rapidshare file download by adjusting traffic usage to organize and schedule downloads. It can speeds up the acquisition of multiple downloads by breaking the files into smaller pieces, then downloading these simultaneously. You check over here how to use Free Download Manager for Rapidshare

Download Free Download manager

4. Rapidshare Manager

Rapidshare Manager - official rapidshare download tools

RapidShare Manager is an official Rapidshare manage tool to upload and download files from RapidShare.com. Rapidshare manager has a multiple setting possibility’s allow the professional up- and downloading for beginners and experienced users. However, this Rapidshare tools is benefit for Rapidshare premium user only which Premium users can upload files with a file size up to 4.000 MB. Plus more, files bigger than 100 MB can only be downloaded by Premium users, unless the files have been a direct download and the traffic is paid by the file holder. Additional information to this feature can be found in the Premium Zone.

Download Rapidshare Manager

Raptor – Free Rapidshare Download Manager

Raptor - rapidshare download manager

Raptor is a free RapidShare download manager that allows you manage and add multiple rapidshare files download links in queue and downloads them one by one without having you to start each download yourself.  Meanwhile, Raptor interface is very user-friendly and you can download / schedule your files from Rapidshare easily. Plus more, Raptor download manager support on XP and vista.
Download Raptor- free rapidshare download manager

So, hope you enjoy your Rapidshare download experiences with this Rapidshare download manager software. Meanwhile, you can drop us a comment anytime if you know any Rapidshare download tools or any comment about Rapidshare download tools