Repair Real Media File (.ra, .rmvb, .rm, .ram, .rpm) with Real Media File Inspector


Experiences before .rmvb or rm real video files and found some portion of video can’t be played or the real player software can’t seek in the real media file. Here is a real media file repair utility call Real Media File Inspector to assist user repair the broken .rmvb or .rm file format.

Real media file repair tool

This small real media file repair utility is designed to fix some common errors in a real media file.  It able to check and fix errors, rebuild index chunks, cut real media files (.ra, .rmvb, .rm, .ram, .rpm). As The RealMedia File Format is define in the Format.xml file. It is deserialized into a Format object, which contain RecordDefs and FieldDefs. Then some generalized methods are used to read and write real media files according to its format definition.

There are some common errors in a real media file.

Problem: Some Portion of the File Can’t be Played

Cause: There are bad packets in the DATA chunk.
Symptom: There are decoding errors.
Cause: The DATA chunk’s size value is not correct.
Symptom: The chunk that follows DATA chunk is not an INDX chunk.
Cause: The DATA chunk’s num_packets value is not correct.
Symptom: DATA chunk’s size value and calculated size mismatch.

Fix: Recover all media packets.

Problem: Player Can’t Seek in the File

Cause: The INDX chunks are corrupted or nonexistent.
Symptom: The number of INDX chunks is less than the number of MDPR chunks.
Fix: Rebuild index chunks.

So, Real Media File Inspector is the useful repair tool to overcome above common error on Real Media files.

Download Real Media File Inspector