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Rondee - Free Conference call servicesRondee consider as best free conference call number or free conference call service that allows you can invite and talk to a group of peoples using any phone for conference call purpose.

quote_leftRondee is like teleconferencing but way better and free. Now you can connect easily with any group of people on the phone with web-based scheduling, attendance tracking, and even display of who’s talking!quote_right

Rondee offers you free conference call services to meet your needs. It lets you arrange and have phone conference calls with professional colleagues, club members, friends or family.

To use Rondee, you don’t need a computer headset or any special software, a telephone will do. Login to your account, choose the conference date and time, and fill-in conference participants. Rondee will send each participant an email with unique conference access code and a link to a conference details page. On the selected conference date, participant will call 619-2-RONDEE (619-276-6333) and enters his / her access code.

rondee conference call

You can also use “RondeeNow” to create private conference rooms directly from your mobile in 2 easy steps:

  1. Call 619-2-RONDEE (619-276-6333)
  2. When prompted to reserve your own Rondee, enter your desired ID on the telephone keypad(e.g. “Wilson” = 945766). If you are the first to reserve that ID, its yours to keep.

Conferee call services features that Rondee offer:

  •  The power to customize your greeting tones in order to control wether participants hear a chime, hear their name being announced (or simply silence) when they enter and leave the conference call
  • Record your conference calls and access the audio
  • Phone directory of your calls showing you who dialed in and for how long
  • Listen only setting which allows you to provide certain participants with a listen only PIN

The ability to choose whether to do conferencing on demand, or using Rondee’s handy scheduling system to calendar your calls in advance. With the scheduling system, Rondee informs your invitees, keeps track of their response, and sends out reminders vis email or SMS.

Rondee gives you convenience way to manage your meetings efficiently. You can sign up and use it for free. For more information, check out