Songbird – Desktop Web player and Web browser mash-up

Songbird – Desktop Web player and Web browser mash-up

Songbird, A Desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. Songbird is totally open source and free application. They only support Mozilla Firefox browser Engine.

On function features, Songbird has all the features like desktop media player and its support operating system like Linux , Macs and Windows. Songbird software lets you play music from the web like you going to a site that has links to music, Beside that, Songbird creates a list of of files you can download or play.

Meanwhile, Songbird also allow you adding or playing podcasting and radio services like odeo and easily on the web based player. Supporting audio format like MPEG Audio (mpga), MPEG Layer 3 (mp3), MP4 Audio (mp4a), Ogg Vorbis, Speex, AAC, WMA, FLAC also play on this web based media player.

Songbird currently on version 2 development and the features will be grow much more in future. In addition, A cross-platform extensions and plug-ins also available.

  • William quartz

    Finally, it’s making it much more practical to read music blogs, because you have instant access to the music.