Top Meta Torrent Search Engine Sites


Meta torrent search engine sites, a torrent search engines that crawl major torrent website databases which often leads to better torrent search results. Meta torrent search engine is difference from torrent site search engine because the end torrent file result is based several torrent engine compare to torrent site search engine is based on their hosted database only.

In my opinion, using meta torrent search engine is more efficiency because it can save a lot of time and the end torrent result is complete based on seed or peer to rank based multiple site search engine.

Here is list of top meta torrent search engine :

1. PizzaTorrent

A meta torrent search engine that have a standard search bar which you can type your torrent file query. The torrent result are by type, i.e. movies, music, TV shows, and other. The top ranked torrents are displayed at the top of the list. The torrent information includes date, size, seeds, peers. Beside that, crawl torrent site search engine from Mininova, PirateBay, Vuze, SumoTorrent, IsoHunt and NewTorrents, among others—15 in total.


2. YouTorrent

Similar functionality like, Where typing in a torrent keyword will pull up date, size, seeds, peers and engine for each torrent information. YouTorrent is quick and streamlined. The torrent results can be ordered according to your preferences.

However, YouTorrent grabs its torrent files from legal torrent site like ,, legittorrent and Vuze only. Plus more, there is no illegal files will crawl as the torrent search result. Beside that , a tagcloud on the main page organizes popular searches while you’ll find related searches on the side panel of your results page.



Agreat real-time torrent search engine that only shows real results unlike some other sites claiming to do the same. It has great Firefox and IE 7 plug-ins, clear and easy to read layout and fast results. All the results show up in the appropriate categories
which makes finding the right torrents extremely easy. Another neat feature is that NowTorrents is able to detect and remove fake/dead torrents.


4.  TorrentFinder

a Bit Torrent Multi Search Engine which searches 188 torrent sites and trackers from one page, Write your torrent Keywords then Check on your favorite torrent sites and trackers to start your search. However, the torrent finder interface is not easy navigate and have to click through dozens of sites which makes a comparison difficulty.


5. Usniff

a torrent search engine which indexing four major torrent site torrent database like thepiratebay , Mininova, ISOHunt and BitTorrent. It has a impressive torrent search interfaces that powered by Ajaxied.

Visit Usniff

So, what is your prefer torrent search engine, perhaps can drop us a comment 🙂

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  • gohan83

    I would suggest, a veruy nice and fast meta search engine

  • Mike

    Try, , META torrent search engine site

  • mikael
  • pink

    only 3 weeks old already over 500 torrents come join us 🙂

  • Cath

    better than PizzaTorrent – YouTorrent – NowTorrents – ….
    watch and compare

  • godius

    Nowtorrents is by far the best. The new URL is :

  • Fred

    My new favorite is

    It searches 18 sites in real time, and you don’t get bombarded with ads, popup windows, or deceiving Usenet links.

  • no name

    FTW, of course!

  • chris


    This list is so incomplete. there is many good search engines out there, and even better private trackers.

    just look there at how many there is.

  • rappelz gold

    You can go to the related section and check for more information.

  • dave

    want a web 2.0 type meta torrent search engine? i use, it’s fresh, clean, uncluttered, sparse advertising and of course it delivers results from god knows how many trackers, but i like it, in fact it’s now my homepage!

  • gooleq

    when it comes to metasearch torrent sites deffinetly !!!
    It can get better than this, it has it all, search by categorie, their own toolbar (so you can search directly from your browser) and this sooooooooooooooooo cool awsome fanatstic subtitles search , you must check it out !!!

  • Alejandro

    Not bad of a list…. but This list is OLD man.

    This is the best one today:

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    My favorite website is, it’s fast and reliable, established since 2007 and still growing.

  • Jack

    Nice Post!

    I think http:/// needs to be on the list, however,

  • Jacob

    I’d like to add one more, which I discovered not long ago – . If compared to other similar search engines, it has more advantages, like search for files within a torrent. Give it a try.

  • jasonx

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