Torrent Harvester – Auto Search Torrent files information on Multiple Torrent Search Engine


Torrent Harvester, A free windows program perform search information about a torrents files seeders and peer information on multiple Torrent search engine network. The Windows torrent program can help you eliminates the need to use your web browser to check many Torrent sites if you are looking for a particular torrent. This means annoying pop-ups, advertising, spyware and virus threats are eliminated.
I believe no possible to find every torrent files on a single torrent search engine. if got, whether the seeder on current torrent files is high or low. So,Torrent Harvester should be best solution which windows torrent search program since it can perform a search for Torrents on multiple websites returning all results in a single list.
Sometimes you might notice that it doesn’t even start even after days of downloading which could probably mean that no one is seeding this file that you’re trying to download. By using Torrent Harvester, you can check out torrent files seeders to speed up your downloading files more faster to complete. Finally, this Windows torrent search program is support over 174 torrent search engine.

Torrent Harvester Screenshot

Here is the features of Torrent Harvester :-

  • Easily searches a multitude of sites with a single click
  • Returns all results in a single list
  • Download directly from the list, or visit the website source page for complete details
  • Complete filtering and sorting of results, on any column
  • Automatically allows searching and downloading on sites which require user registration, using your system’s cookies
  • Complete downloading transparency, with an engine status screen which shows a comprehensive breakdown of exactly what pages Torrent Harvester is loading and the results from each page
  • Get updates of engines directly from within Torrent Harvester
  • Create your own engines for your favourite sites using the in-built Engine Designer, and create your own Torrent Harvester update website to distribute engines you create to other users
  • Completely user-definable engines, allowing for creation of search engines for a multitude of different sites: Torrents, IRC, FTP, ED2k, Cracks, Keygens, Direct Downloads, etc.
  • Complete help every step of the way.
  • 88 Included engines, with more coming all the time via updates (currently 86 additional engines available)

Anyway, Hope you enjoy using this torrent program for future torrent files downloading 😀

Download Torrent Harvester