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Viwawa , An online Mahjong , Big5 (Dai Dee ) , Stwack , Match It , Checkmate , Sushido games site. The most interesting of Viwawa games site offers multiplayer players game and have Gold credit collection system. Plus more, each player can use gold credit to customize their own avatar with clothes and decoration. there is even a ranking system to rank their player also.

Each Mahjong , Big5 (Dai Dee ) , Stwack , Match It , Checkmate , Sushido game will be started when all player are seated.

List of online multiplayer games that Viwawa offer:

Wahjong ( Online Mahjong Game )

Wahjong - Online multiplayer majoing game

Wahjong is a classic mahjong Chinese games which requires good memory , observation skills strategy and in some cases extreme luck are required for winning. This online mahjong requires 4 player to play.

MatchIt ( Online Card matching game )

Match IT - online card matching game

Match It is a card matching game. In Match It, you can challenge a single opponent or up to 3 other players to see who can match up the most pairs of cards in a deck of cards. You can enjoy the game as a simple brain teaser by playing on a small 4×4 deck or you can push your memory to its limits by playing on the massive 8-by-8 deck.

Stwack – online stick man fighting game

Stwack - online stick man fighting game

Stwack is a online stick man fighting games with fighting fury. It’s not a ordinary arcade beat’em up game where the fastest fingers win. Instead, the outcome of a match depends on two important ingredients, careful selection of the skills and items you summon to a match as well as anticipating your opponent’s moves throughout the match.

Big 2.5 ( Online Choa Dai dee card game )

Big 2.5 - Online Chinese dai dee game

Big 2.5 is a card shedding game, Big Two (also known as “Choa Dai Di” in Cantonese, “Da Lao Er” in Mandarin Chinese).

Sushido ( Online Puzzle Game )

Sushido - online sushi puzzle Games

Sushido , a fast-paced puzzle game in which you are a sushi chef competing against time. However, time is the least of your worries. You are also competing against other chefs who are doing their utmost to outshine your culinary skills. To triumph, not only do you need to have lightning fast fingers, you have to carefully select the recipes you want to prepare

Myself very like to play the wahjong and big 2.5 games which can waste your time very fast. if you feel bored and nothing to do. Why not hook over Viwawa online games site and play their online game.

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