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How to Make Sure Your Kids Use Age – Appropriate Mobile Apps Only – Android Parental Control Apps


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Do you know what the first thing is that kids do when they get an Android smartphone? They go to the app store and set up WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and various other social media apps. Next, they download all the cool games they have heard about.

Trust me, kids with their itch to explore, would literally try all the apps out there and especially the ones that are trending. But not all apps are age appropriate for teens and tweens. Once they get access to the play store, they also get access to all the porn, sexting, online dating and violent gaming apps.

You don’t want that, do you? See the tips below to know how to expose your kids to the useful apps and keep them away from the unsafe ones.


A good talk never hurts. Teach your kids to differentiate good and bad and how some things are bad for their current age. Tell them to be responsible and use apps that fit their age.

Check the rating

Some apps make it obvious by the name and logo that you don’t want your kids near them. In case of others, check the rating and content to make sure they are good for your kid’s age.

Install parental controls

There are various Android parental control apps that give you access to your kid’s installed apps e.g. FamilyTime. It allows you to view all installed apps and block them. My suggestion is to keep checking their apps regularly and if you find a questionable app, block it then and there. It also helps limit screen time and monitor other phone activities.


Some apps are strategically designed to deceive adults and they are called hiding apps. They look like a regular calculator or photo app, but in actuality are secret vaults to hide photos, text messages, and even other apps. When you find a new app residing in your kid’s phone, look it up and read reviews about it to know its purpose.

Share informative apps

There are many apps that help in brain development, coding, reading and writing, etc. Share such apps with your kids and keep them engaged. Show them how these apps are more useful as compared to games and social networking.

Stay up to date

When there is a dangerous app out there, the news and internet tell you about it. All you have to do is stay in touch with the current news and you will know which recent trend you don’t want your kids to follow.

Keep it safe and fun

By following these tips you can let your kids have fun with their phones and make sure they don’t use any adult or unsafe apps. Android parental control apps are a must have for all parents who are raising kids in this age. They conveniently let you filter the perils of the digital world and enjoy the perks.