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DirectX 11 Windows Vista And XP (Fake)


Since DirectX 11 is designed for Windows 7, but there is no any confirmation about DirectX 11 build for Windows Vista and XP until now. However, I have done some research over the internet with Download DirectX 11 XP and Download DirectX 11 Vista keyword and noticed there are several blogs and forums website offering DirectX 11 XP and DirectX 11 vista compiler for public download.

After deeper studying over the Internet, I noticed this DirectX 11 Vista and XP installer is actually fake one and consist of trojan horse thread. This DX 11 XP vista trojan horse is actually a virus writer and cracker creation to take advantage of gamers curiosity to install the latest version of DirectX. Meanwhile, you will noticed the fake DirectX 11 XP and vista exe file contains three viruses when the exe file is run.

Screenshot of fakes DirectX 11 XP and Vista Installer:

Directx 11 xp

directx 11 windows xp

directx 11 vista

However, there is no worry if you have download DirectX 11 for Windows XP and Vista and ran it. Here is a tool from Symantec, which you can run clean those fake DX 11 viruses. The removal tool along with how to use it can be accessed from the following URL:

W32.Gaobot Removal Tool

However, thanks for Megaleecher sharing this important about this fake DirectX 11 For XP and vista. 🙂

Credit To MegaLeecher