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Windows XP Services Pack 3


Windows Services Pack 3The release of Windows XP Services Pack 3  still unclear yet by Microsoft. But, there is a hack tips to update Windows XP SP 3 via Windows Update. However, these hack tips required some step to install the Windows XP services pack 3.

But now, Windows XP User can start download Windows XP Services Pack 3 first release candidate straight from Microsoft in easy method. The Windows XP services pack 3 download has been confirmed by a member over at the WinMatrix forum posted the download link, which directly points to XP SP3 executable installer located on the Windows Update server.

Some information you should know before downloading Windows XP SP3:

  • SP3 is cumulative, so users can install SP3 on top of Windows XP SP1 or SP2.
  • SP3 is able to update any version of XP, including XP Media Center.
  • SP3 will not upgrade Internet Explorer to version 7. The Service Pack does include updates for both versions of Internet Explorer, but the main version of IE that you’re running will remain untouched.

The file size of Windows XP Services pack 3 is 336mb and the entire installation process take around 15 minutes to complete install.

Download Windows XP SP3 (RC1) from Microsoft