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Draw Network Diagram using Network Notepad


Network Notepad , a network diagram application that let you draw out interactive network diagrams, with user definable management features such as point and click telnet, FTP, HTTP and Ping.

network notepad

To draw network infrastructure diagram using network notepad is simple. All you need is drag and drop network object on the interface. Meanwhile, you’re able to use the F1-F6 keys as hotkeys to ping, surf, or telnet to a device once IP addresses on network devices object.

However, Network notepad by default having limited network object icons included. But you can enhance the network object icons selection by download Cisco network object library icons or other network icons pack.

Download link for Network object icons libraries For Network Notepad :

1.  Click here to download a network icons collection more than 100 objects.

2. Download Cisco Network Object Icons Set

After downloading the network object icons, just unzip the contents to your Network Notepad Objects folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Network Notepad\Objects) and restart Network Notepad.

If you’re drawing a simple network diagram, i think Network notepad is a great free network diagram tools to use. Plus more , it can replace the expensive MS Visio application without any fees. However, you can’t argue with the price, and the feature set is impressive for such a small download.