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Free Images Editor Software Like PhotoShop – Active Pixels


Active Pixels, a free image editor software that provides image enhancing and image editing features like Photoshop. Active Pixels can consider as cheaper alternative images software that allow you enjoy images editing functionality like Photoshop. Plus more, Active Pixels images editor software is totally free for use.

active pixels - free alternative photoshop images editor software

This free photo editor software resembles Photoshop in many aspects, from the way menus and windows are laid out on its interface to the keyboard shortcuts used for many actions. Beside that, It also includes similar Photoshop tools, like the magic wand, the gradient, the polygonal lasso and others. What’s more, it supports working with layers and has more than 50 filters conveniently categorized in 9 groups, which you can use to obtain all sorts of effects, from applying a newspaper-like view to your picture to reducing noise or grain.

Active Pixels images editor software also offers powerful tools and editing functions like Advanced Image Enhancing and editing tools and functions: tools for creating computer graphics, rich text tools, support of many picture file types, special effects, selection tools, layers, gradients, patterns, also the ability to expand the software.

Active Pixels Images Editor Software Features :

· Support near 110 graphic formats with large nomber of options (also multiframe ICO and animated GIF).
· Support Photoshop-compatible filters.
· Import/export layers in PSD-format (Photoshop).
· Simple and intuitive user interface.
· Multitasking.
· Filters support (now over 50 filters).
· Alpha-channel full support (transparency) for all formats.
· Layers support with 33 render modes.
· Over 10 algorithm of picture resize.
· Selection by magicwand, lasso.
· Different color correction functions.
· Auto color correction.
· Canvas rotate and transform.
· Fast work with big images (over 5 mPix).
· Brush, pencil, gradient, text and another instruments.
· Different additional functions – tile, crop.
· Color selector is more comfortable (HSB).
· Undo/redo without any limitations.

In any case, Active Pixels is an excellent alternative image editor software which similar like Photoshop, although it does not have the complete features of Photoshop, its definitely worth a try or use as lighter images app to perform the same graphic editing tasks.

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