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Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel – Kloxo HostInaBox


Kloxo HostInaBox, another free linux web hosting control panel allows web host administrators to manage web hosting file, domain and subdomain control, database administration, email account management, distribution of resources, file managing and much more on web based hosting management interface. Plus more, It is a fully scriptable, distributed and a 100% object oriented hosting platform which supports Apache/Lighttpd, djbdns/bind and pure-ftpd.

Meanwhile, Kloxo HostinaBox is very well known for its unbelievably low resource usage on web hosting control panel, which requiring only 15 MB of runtime memory. Besides tiny hosting panel server space constraints, this free linux hosting panel also offering plenty of hosting features, 5-tier security model and its very user-friendly interface that similar like Cpanel control panel.

Kloxo - Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

Beside that, the best web hosting features on Kloxo perhaps is the InstallApp module. This web hosting module lets web hosting customers choose among more than 130 applications for your website. InstallAPP automatically adds the database and creates the configuration for the chosen web applications. Plus more, Kloxo has a built-in messaging and ticket system, a backup-restore module and much more.

Main Web Hosting Panel Features on Kloxo Linux web hosting panel provides:

  1. General Web Hosting Account Control: Domain & subdomain administration, File Manager, Add & Manage DNS Templates, Control of SSL Certificates, Resource Plan Management, Shell Access, Backup Management, Driver Configuration, Reboot & power-off control and Resource usage stats
  2. Web Hosting Server Tools: MySQL database administration, Add & delete dedicated IP addresses, Manage FTP Sessions, PHP, suPHP & modPHP configuration, Select web server & DNS programs and phpMyAdmin Access
  3. Web Hosting Email Features: Add & delete email addresses. General Email administration, Email queue access and SPAM filtering program selection,
  4. Web Hosting Security: SSH Configuration, Watchdog for FTP, SMTP & web, Lxguard brute force attack monitoring and Add & delete blocked local hosts
  5. Web Hosting System Services: Server service status menu, Server process status menu, Server component status menu, Mail, HTTP & MySQL logs and Cron job/Task scheduler.

However, Kloxo HostInaBox is support two linux distribution (CentOS | Red Hat) at this moment.

If any of you have use Kloxo free web hosting server software before on any web server as web hosting management software. Share your experiences with us on comment section. 🙂

Kloxo Download – Free Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

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