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Free SpaceCraft Flight Simulator PC Game – Orbiter


Orbiter, a free spacecraft flight simulator PC game allows player simulate flying a spacecraft beyond the confines of Earth’s atmosphere. This free spacecraft flight simulator doesn’t like normal flight simulator PC game, which it provides a realistic space flight simulator to travel and explore around the solar system.

There are number of spacecraft to choose on orbiter and then you can choose flying the spacecraft from the realistically modeled Space Shuttle Atlantis to the fictional Delta-Glider.  Meanwhile, Orbiter spacecraft flight simulator also comes with mission game mode to retrieve a drifting satellite or build a new international space station in orbit. Or just fly around in your craft and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Orbiter - Free SpaceCraft Flight Simulator Game

Orbiter free spacecraft flight simulator also supports customized control panels and instruments like 3D virtual cockpits and 2D instrument panels. These allow the player to use the mouse to interact with the panels, and allow more complex systems and instruments that are customized for each ship. The addition of a virtual cockpit also allows the player to freely look around from the perspective of the pilot.

orbiter spacecraft dockpit

Meanwhile, The Orbiter’s solar system exploration consists of the sun, the eight planets and their major moons. Dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets are not included but exist as add-ons. Plus more Orbiter contains a database of over 100,000 stars,

Orbiter SpaceCraft Game Simulator Key features:

  • Realistic physics. Planetary motion, gravitation effects, free space and atmospheric flight are accurately modelled.
  • You can land your ship at a spaceport on a planet surface, or dock to an orbital station.
  • High resolution planetary maps provide some nice visual effects.
  • Configurable environment. Users can add planets, space ships and space stations to the existing universe, or design a completely new solar system from scratch. The Orbiter Software Development Kit contains libraries and sample C++ code for addon developers who want to write plugins.
Orbiter also contains bunch of Orbiter addons like additional spacecraft and sounds (the original game has no sound probably because there is no air in space)  that extends the game. There is also a scenario editor that allows users to create their own spacecraft and scenarios.

Minimum requirements to run ORBITER Spacecraft game simulator on your computer:

  • 600 MHz PC or better (Pentium, Athlon, etc.)
  • 256MB RAM or more
  • Windows 95 / 98/ ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • DirectX 7.0 or higher
  • DirectX compatible 3D graphics accelerator card with at least 16MB of video RAM (32MB or more recommended) and DXT texture compression support.
  • Approximately 120MB of free disk space for the minimum installation (additional high-resolution textures and addons will require more space).
  • DirectX compatible joystick (optional)