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Free Windows Application Launcher List


Here is a free Windows application launcher list that able to ease your windows user to access programs or files on your computer by simply typing the first few letters of the name or clicking the dock icons.

Using application launcher or application launcher can reduce your time searching favorite program shortcut that you most frequent use. Meanwhile, it is useful whereby you can cut down the step to launch application without hitting windows button to search the application shortcut again.

Beside that, some of the Windows application launcher interface pretty similar like Mac OSX dock which the windows dock launcher can open commonly used applications, shortcuts, documents, and other files actually like Mac OSX dock.

So, i have gathers some of Windows application launchers to access windows program or documents easily. Plus more, increase your windows usability and productivity.

Windows Application Launchers List :


launchy - Command Letter Application launcher

Windows Launchy able to help you can quickly launch your documents, project files, folders, websites, and bookmarks on your computer without using the mouse. All you need is simply typing the first few letters of the name only. When you typing the first few letters of the name, Launchy will display results of items that match your keyword. If the displayed result is what you want, hit enter to launch the program.

Visit Launchy – Command letter Windows Application Launcher

Circle Dock

circle dock - circle shape windows application launcher

Windows application launcher that arrange Windows application shortcut that you use most often in circular fashion. The Circle Dock launcher icons arrangement can add or be arrange by dragging them from your desktop or quick launch bar and customize to your heart’s content. Beside that, you can either display your icons in concentric circles, or as a spiral.

Visit Circle Dock – Circular Windows Application Launcher

StarDock ObjectDock

ObjectDock - Animated Windows application launcher

An animated Windows application launcher that users to organize their shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun icon animated Dock like Mac OSX Dock. Meanwhile, ObjectDock functionality can be enhanced with additional plugins such as weather forecasts, an email checker, a clock, and a shutdown button.

Visit StarDock ObjectDock – Animated Windows Application Launches like Mac OS X Dock


Rocket Dock - Windows Mac OSX Dock launcher

A Windows Dock that works similar like Mac OSX Dock which you open commonly used applications, shortcuts, documents, and other files on desktop. Meanwhile, it comes with a lot cool icons that decorating your windows icons which you can choose your favor icon on their RocketDock Addon section.

Visit RocketDock – Mac OSX Dock Windows application launcher


AcceleRun - Most feature Windows application launcher

An ergonomic design application launcher is available from the system tray via two menus – one each for the right and left click. Meanwhile, it requires minimum memory usage while running. Plus more, AcceleRun windows application has built-in with expression calculator, Windows Start Menu customization wizard, empty shortcuts wizard, uninstall selected program feature, memory optimizer, audio volume control with mouse wheel, Favorites window, quick launch bar integration.

Visit Accelerun – Most features application launcher

XWindows Dock – Free Mac OSX look Windows Launcher

XWindows Dock or XWD, a free windows dock launcher that provides Mac OS X docker visual style on your computer. 

xwindows dock - free windows osx dock launcher

You can enjoy comprehensive graphics affects customization on XWindows OSX dock such as reflections, transparency, shadow, blur, etc. Beside that, you can perform PNG icons size configurable, multiple transition effects, overlays, multiple zoom levels, shadows, reflections, and dock in 2D or 3D option on XWindows Dock.  

However, there is limitation on XWindows dock which it does NOT support “Drag and drop” feature only


if you know any windows application launcher is nice, let us know via comment. 🙂