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InEx Finance – Online Personal Finance Management Software

InEx Finance Online Personal Finance Management

Money is a topic that concerns everyone, be it a thriving businessman or a regular employee, yet learning how to manage personal finances wisely is a skill that doesn’t always come easy. How many of us have asked themselves the same question over and over again: “Where did all the money go?”, while staring at empty wallets at the end of the month? You haven’t made any large purchases, or lent any money, still the family budget falls short. If you want to take control of your spending and plan a workable household budget adjusted to your real financial situation, then InEx Finance free online personal finance software may be just the solution you need.

InEx Finance Online Personal Finance Management

The web-based financial planner InEx Finance is a multifunctional software that efficiently combines basic and more advanced tools designed to help you handle daily financial tasks quickly and easily. The software was developed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to get in control of your personal finances in a hassle-free and intuitive manner. InEx Finance lets you:

  • Track daily income and expenses;
  • Plan household budgets;
  • Set financial goals;
  • Project future spending;
  • Manage personal debts and deposits;
  • Analyze aggregated financial data.

The key concept behind InEx Finance is to make personal finance planning easy, effective and accessible even to people lacking any financial knowledge. Registering an account with InEx Finance is a breeze and can be done in a virtually anonymous way. You can also create an account via external authentication by signing up with your current Google, Facebook or Yahoo! profile:

Once signed up, you can proceed to adding an unlimited number of resources (i.e., your money sources – bank accounts, cards, cash) and categories (e.g., for income – salary, deposit interest, allowance, etc; for expenses – food, transportation, utilities, entertainment, etc). You can even assign color labels to your categories and resources in order to easily distinguish between them. Adding new income / expense transactions is very simple and quick. The system supports multiple currency resources and transactions within a resource, thus it can be used internationally with no limitations.

The online money manager InEx Finance makes it easy for you to plan the household budget on a monthly basis and track how closely you follow it. The account overview page displays the budgeted amount as compared with the actual amount you’ve already spent, also shown as percentage and horizontal progress bar. While setting a new budget for a category you can make use of these additional features:

  • Budget rollover: the expense balance left in the current month is carried over to the next month;
  • Automatic budget generation: your monthly budgets are automatically generated on the first day of each month according to your preset template;
  • Budget exceeded alerts: while adding a new transaction that makes you go over your budget, the system displays a pop-up warning message.


InEx Finance Category Trends

These simple instruments will help you always be in the know of your budget spending limit and thus curb unnecessary expenses. Moreover InEx Finance offers a wide selection of reporting tools for more in-depth financial analysis and forecasting. There are more than 30 table and chart reports, featuring consolidated financial data in a clear and understandable way. You can view account balance, period turnover, income vs. expense comparison, category trends, balance dynamics, tags report, currency rates by date, etc.

Besides money management tools, InEx Finance is also packed with a sleek events calendar to project future spending, that enables you to create single or recurring events and associate income/expense transactions to them. The system automatically generates financial operations on the due dates and sends reminders to your email. If you are using Google Calendar for time tracking, then you can also enable synchronization of InEx Finance event notifications.

InEx Finance Calendar


Among other useful InEx Finance tools and features it’s worth mentioning:

  • Enhanced data import (from formats CSV, OFX, QIF, SWIFT, email with verification against duplicates) and export (to CSV) capabilities;
  • Various filtering and sorting options for table views;
  • Easily customizable account settings (date / time format, time zone, account currencies, default notification settings, external authentications management, etc);
  • Mobile site version and Android app;
  • Full-fledged live demo version;
  • Built-in search tool and calculator.

If you have decided to get your personal finances in order, without investing too much time and effort, then InEx Finance online money management system is the optimal financial tool for you and your family. It will help you eliminate the stress and frustration over money matters, and become financially fit step by step.