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LovelyCharts – Free Online Diagram Editor


LovelyChartsfree online diagram editor that allow you create chart and diagram freely on the web browser. On lovely chart, there are various of diagram can be produces such as creating Flowcharts, Sitemaps, Network Diagrams, People Diagrams, Basic Symbols, and Wireframes.

 lovelycharts - free online diagram tools

Meanwhile, the Lovelycharts online diagramming workspace is easily to understand which you can customize everything such as icon size, labels, the size and shape of the connections between the icons, and so on. Plus more, all charts or diagram that created can be exported to PDF, jpeg, and PNG and then they can be imported into other applications like Word or Excel for printing.

However, Lovely Charts has free and professional accounts, the primary difference between the two being that free accounts are restricted to saving a single chart. You can create and export as many charts as you want, but are restricted to saving one chart for future editing. 

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