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Mount ISO Image and Zip Files as Virtual Drive on Windows Using Pismo File Mount


Pismo file mount, a windows application that mount an ISO image as a virtual drives on Windows OS similar like Clone Drive and Daemon tools.  But this Pismo file mount has more functionality and features which it able to mount zip files as virtual drive. The supported file types are ZIP, ISO, CFS (read), as well as writable “private folders”

Meanwhile, it’s simple to mount any ISO images. All you need is download and install Pismo file mount application. Then clicking on the support archive (e.g Zip or ISO image ) with the right button over the file you want to Mount or Mount Quick.  

Mount ISO image and Zip files using Pismo file mount on windows

Once you mount the virtual drive using Pismo file mount,  you can mapping the virtual drives to any drive letter or have Pismo auto choose one for you. Beside that, you can create (writable) encrypted private virtual drive by setting the virtual drive accessing through a password.

Pismo file mount encryption features

The functionality of Pismo file to mount ISO images may not be complete. But the interesting point of Pismo mount file is mount Zip files. At leas, i can seen what files inside zip files before i compress it. Meanwhile, Pismo virtual drive softwre is completely free and works with all windows operating system from 2000.

Download Pismo Mount File