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NaviCat MySQL – MySQL Database Management Tools For Windows


Recently i’m busy developing a web project under MySQL database and noticed there are a lot of inconvenience situation while doing MySQL development and managing local and remote MySQL server.

Here’re some of MySQL problem that i have facing currently:

1. Difficulty synchronize the database structure between local and remote database server.

2. Using more than two MySQL client software to do MySQL management and development.

3. Doing data Insert manually from Excel format.

4. Search a proper tools to do database structure migration.

I can bet some of you that developing or managing MySQL database might facing one of problem that i stated above. However, i have discover a comprehensive MySQL client call NaviCat MySQL to overcome my MySQL problem and thinking introduce to all MySQL developer or administrator.

Navicat MySQL is an extensive MySQL database administration and development tools for Windows which allow you managing and developing MySQL database under one application. it support mostly all MySQL features including Trigger, Stored Procedure, Function, Event, View, Manage User, and so on to allow you create, browse databases and run SQL queries. Plus more, it can work with any MYSQL server from 3.21 and above.

Navicat MySQL Database Manager Tools Features for Windows:

  1. Event Scheduler – Schedule and automate MySQL batch task such as data backup/ data restore and Data Transfer
  2. Virtual Grouping – Better categorization for objects.
  3. Visual Report builder – Enjoy customization and creation of report and previews display of field name and its value with focus on current record.
  4. SQL Code Completion – Speedup your SQL code writing.
  5. Print Report to Files – All visual report that created can be export to pdf, html and more.
  6. E-mail Notification – Navicat will send notification e-mail to acknowledge once the event schedule has accomplished the task.
  7. Database Data and Structure Synchronization – Compare and synchronize database data and database structure between local MySQL database and remote MySQL database.
  8. Data Convertion – Convert XML, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access and popular data formats to MySQL database which eliminating time-consuming data entry and the errors that accompany it.
  9. Database Migration – Support various database data and structure migration from popular database system like Informix, DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Postgre , MSSQL and etc.
  10. MYSQL User Management – Simple MySQL GUI user management module to set up users and access privileges.

Screenshot of Navicat

1. Navicat MySQL Menu

navicat mysql menu

2. Navicat MySQL Database Structure

navicat mysql database structure

Navicat clearly presents some advantages compare other MySQL database client software especially bridging virtual report builder , data conversion and comprehensive event scheduler with email notification. Plus more, most advance for Navicat MySQL is the database data and structure synchronization which allow you sync your local database data or structure with remote database without any complicated step required.

Navicat is truly an all in solution MySQL database manager which sophisticated enough for professional developers, yet easy to learn for new users. Meanwhile, it’s high recommended using Navicat for MySQL database management or development with their advances MySQL features.

Plus more, Navicat database manager tools also available for PostgreSQL datbase and Oracle database .

Download Navicat MySQL for Windows/ Mac OS X/ Linux

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